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Which ServiceNow Certification is best in 2022?

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Which ServiceNow Certification is best in 2022?

ServiceNow is amongst the most rapidly growing ITSM tools available today. If you are considering building your professional career around ServiceNow, the most common question in your mind must be which certification is best for ServiceNow. 

The IT management platform allows organizations to manage and handle the IT infrastructure. And this is a crucial role for many enterprises. So, the IT professionals finding an edge in their service management careers can consider taking a step forward with ServiceNow certification.

There are three types of certification paths offered by ServiceNow. The credentials are for partners and customers who use and work with ServiceNow services and products. The three types of certificates are- Implementation Specialist, ServiceNow Administrator, and Application Developer.

Learn the difference between ServiceNow Admin and Developer before deciding which certification is the best for you. 

Different ServiceNow Certifications

It is crucial to learn some details about the different types of certification paths offered by ServiceNow. For the ServiceNow services and products, implementation specialists, developers, and admins will require separate certifications. 

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

1. ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification

The ServiceNow systems admin certification exam examines your skills and knowledge to implement, manage, and configure the ServiceNow platform. The foundational level certification exam introduces you to understanding ServiceNow before taking any other certification exam. 

It is an entry-level certification exam with some prerequisites, but it is advised to get hands-on experience with ServiceNow services and products. 

Sales engineers, ServiceNow customers, partners, and other professionals interested in beginning their journey in ServiceNow can obtain the ServiceNow systems administrator credential. 

2. ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Certification

The ServiceNow implementation specialist certification has six specialized certification exams based on specific ServiceNow products. The credentials include Service Mapping, Financial Management, Service Management, HR, Customer Service Management, Vulnerability Response, and Security. And ServiceNow partners and employees can attempt this certification exam. 

3. ServiceNow Application Developer Certification

The ServiceNow application developer certification tests your skills to design applications using database and business logic and knowledge of user interface. You must understand debugging server-side and client-side scripts, implementing application security, managing applications, and automating applications. 

Although prerequisites are not needed, obtaining the ServiceNow system administrator certification is generally recommended. 

Of all these certifications offered by ServiceNow, the accreditation of a ServiceNow system administrator holds an essential place in the ServiceNow ecosystem. As a beginner, you must consider the following reasons to learn why ServiceNow system administrator certification is the best for you. 

Why is ServiceNow System Administrator the Best for ServiceNow?

The ServiceNow system administrator exam validates that the professional can handle the integration and has the efficiency to manage the ServiceNow platform’s implementation, configuration, and support. If you clear the exam, it showcases that the professional has all the essential skills required to pursue higher certification exams in the future. 

Consider the top five reasons to learn why ServiceNow system administrator certification is needed:-

  1. Every customer, partner, or employee in the industry can demand a single cloud platform. The single cloud platform will help the company perform better, and the service will eventually improve. The ServiceNow system administrator certification allows you to substitute previous unstructured work designs with the intelligent workflows of the future. So, the ServiceNow system administrator certification will help you get the work done at Lightspeed-making the process of work easier and faster.
  2. ServiceNow programs are rapidly expanding, and there are swiftly growing employment opportunities. With a ServiceNow system administrator, you will be able to handle multiple departments through a single platform and track. It will save both money and time.
  3. The ServiceNow system administrator gives a brilliant opportunity to design any applications relatively fast and reliable. The job role contains one of the most reliable methods to meet customers’ requirements and needs.
  4. As an aspirant of the ServiceNow system administrator certification exam, you will learn the most crucial elements of managing and maintaining the ServiceNow platform. The knowledge will further prepare you to take higher-level certifications and a job with a higher pay scale.
  5. The ServiceNow system admin has a crucial role in the IT industry because of its rising value. The pay scale has also opened a new door to commence a startup. It will be one of the most considered fields in the future.


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go
The ServiceNow system admin certification develops your career in the IT industry and provides you the valuable knowledge to differentiate you from the competitors and develop the understanding needed to define the future scope to develop the organization’s infrastructure.

To gain the required knowledge and experience to clear the ServiceNow system admin certification exam, choose an online SeviceNow training course and get some hands-on experience with the ServiceNow platform. saasguru provides a real-time training program about the ServiceNow system admin certification, where you can ace your certification exam in the first go. 

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