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How to choose the best ServiceNow career path for you?

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How to choose the best ServiceNow career path for you?

One of the most popular Information Technology Service Management platforms on the market that is growing rapidly and has skyrocketed its graph in the last decade is ServiceNow. In company management, this cloud-hosted IT management platform is exceptional. If you have decided on getting certified from ServiceNow, this is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you have made. 

ServiceNow qualifications point to a bright future. But, did you know that to sit for the certification exam, you need at least 3-6 months of experience handling the platform?

Yes, that is correct! A ServiceNow credential will allow you to demonstrate your abilities to existing and potential employers. Hence, we recommend you start building your career on ServiceNow right away. 

In today’s blog, we will tell you everything about the ServiceNow Certifications and guide you to choose the best ServiceNow career path for your future growth. Obtaining a ServiceNow certification provides industry recognition, competitive distinction, improved efficiency, more amazing outcomes, which promote customer happiness, and the opportunity to gain sufficient hands-on expertise with the platform. 

Here is How to choose the best ServiceNow career path for you: 

Prerequisites for Obtaining Certification

  • At least 3-6 months of experience maintaining and managing the ServiceNow platform is required. A fundamental awareness of database principles and recognised errors and concerns that need to be addressed.
  • Basic understanding of database tables and columns and a solid grasp of how to test and produce JavaScript.
  • Some knowledge of IT supports processes and system administration.

ServiceNow Certifications 

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

1. The ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification

The ServiceNow Systems Administrator Certification is a beginner’s certification with minimum criteria. Candidates having prior familiarity with ServiceNow products are typically preferred for this certification. It assesses applicants’ competence to administer, configure, and implement ServiceNow. This certification covers everything aspirants need to know about ServiceNow before moving on to the next level of certification.

Also known as CSA, the ServiceNow System Admin Certification consists of 60 questions divided into multiple categories. The exam has a 90-minute duration and covers five distinct categories such as:

  • Database administration (30%)
  • User interface and navigation (20%)
  • Service automation (30%)
  • Introduction to scripting and application tools (10%)
  • Collaboration (10%)

2. Certified Implementation Specialist

The ServiceNow Implementation Specialist Certification (CSI) is designed especially for industry professionals who play critical roles in leveraging growth in an organisation. It consists of seven crucial parts, viz., Service Management, Service Mapping, HR, Security, Customer Service Management, Financial Management, and Vulnerability Response are among the topics covered.

  • Core system setup (30%)
  • Configuration (30%)
  • Tuning and performance (20%)
  • Engagement methodology and project planning (10%)
  • Security (10%)

The CSI test consists of 60 multiple-choice questions covering five distinct learning categories. The time you will be allotted is 90 minutes to give the exam, and you will need to score a passing mark of 75%. 

3. Certified Application Developer 

The Application Developer certification assesses a candidate’s competence in creating business-logic-driven apps. An aspirant must have the necessary skills and expertise to develop apps that address their future employer’s business concerns. They should also be able to create and construct a user interface, which tries to figure out what a user could want from a system and then gives them the tools to make it happen.

Like the above two ServiceNow Certifications, the ServiceNow Application Developer certification has 60 questions, spanning six categories. 

  • Security and restricting access (20%)
  • Managing applications (15%)
  • Application user interface (20%)
  • Working with external data (10%)
  • Application automation (20%)
  • Design and create an application (15%)

4. Certified Application Specialist

A candidate who earns the Application Specialist certification can configure, install, and maintain a ServiceNow Performance Analytics system. The exam is computer-based with multiple-choice questions. Appointments should be scheduled in advance or on the exam day, depending on availability.

There are 60 multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions on the CAS cert exam. The test lasts 90 minutes and includes six distinct learning categories.

  • Configure indicators and indicator sources (26%)
  • Architecture and Deployment (10%)
  • Configure breakdowns and breakdown sources (22%)
  • Data collection (12%)
  • Administration and solutions (7%)
  • Data visualization(23%)

The test is open to ServiceNow customers, employees, partners, and others who want to become ServiceNow Performance Analytics Certified Specialists.

The importance of training and certification in sharpening one’s knowledge and skills cannot be overstated. So, how can we select the ideal platform for learning more about the product and being certified on it?

Get Trained by Professionals 

In today’s date and time, aspirants have a plethora of cert prep alternatives, making it more difficult to set one’s mind on a particular career path. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the abundance of ServiceNow certification information available on learning portals, blogs, and social media platforms.

But if you want to get the most trustworthy advice and wish to glide your future in the right direction, then saasguru is here for you. 

saasguru assists aspirants worldwide in preparing for and passing ServiceNow certification examinations without having to move out of their comfortable location. The study materials and practice tests are connected to the ServiceNow certification exams and developed by seasoned ServiceNow certified experts. 

The ServiceNow Training module from saasguru will guide you through earning your ServiceNow Certification and help you crack the ServiceNow Certification you have chosen on your first go.

Get certified as a ServiceNow Administrator in the first attempt with saasguru.


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