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ServiceNow Certifications List: What are the different ServiceNow Certifications?

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ServiceNow Certifications List: What are the different ServiceNow Certifications?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation software that helps companies improve operational efficiencies by streamlining and automating repetitive tasks. Customers and clients who interact with ServiceNow and use its products or services can select between three certification paths:

  1. Certified System Administrator
  2. Certified Application Developer
  3. Certified Implementation Specialist 

What Does Certification Imply?

You will get industry recognition, competitive strength, increased efficiency and outcomes, greater user community happiness, and a measurable evaluation of your educational investment once you are ServiceNow certified.

The approach to customer success is influenced by training and certification. Training and accreditation have evolved into an ever-evolving aspect that suits the needs of hopefuls in advancing their careers. There are numerous ServiceNow online training  choices for aspirants to investigate and create a bright future in their ServiceNow careers

What Is The Best Certification For You?

Become a Servicenow Certified Professional

1. Certified System Administrator 

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam assesses your knowledge of managing, configuring, and implementing the ServiceNow platform. It also lays the groundwork for learning everything there is to know about ServiceNow before moving on to more challenging certifications. There are few prerequisites because it is an entry-level position, although it is encouraged that you have prior expertise with ServiceNow products.

The CSA exam consists of 60 questions separated into five learning categories, each accounting for a percent of the overall score.

  • Prerequisite- At least six months of hands-on ServiceNow experience and knowledge of database concepts and system administration, IT help desk operations, and incident, problem, and change workflows are required.
  • Exam duration- 90 minutes
  • Cost of Registration: $ 100

 Get certified as a ServiceNow Admin (CSA) on the 1st attempt.

2. Certified Application Developer

The Certified Application Developer (CAD) credential verifies your ability to develop apps, including user interfaces, business logic, and database logic. Successful CAD candidates will be able to design and construct a user interface that considers requirements, usability, form, design, platforms, and scripts. 

The CAD exam consists of 60 questions separated into six categories, each accounting for a percentage of the overall exam duration.

  • Prerequisite- There are no prerequisites, but becoming a Certified ServiceNow System Administrator is recommended. It’s also an advantage if you’ve worked with application development and systems management before.
  • Exam duration: 90 minutes
  • Cost of Registration: $150

3. Certified Implementation Specialist

The Certified Implementation Specialist certification consists of six specialist certificates, each matched with a specific ServiceNow product. Some of the specialist certifications available are Service Mapping, Service Management, Financial Management, HR, Customer Service Management, Security, and Vulnerability Response.

The CIS test consists of multiple-choice and multiple-selection questions covering five learning domains and accounts for a percentage of the overall exam.

  • Prerequisite- ServiceNow Fundamentals, ServiceNow Get Started with Now Create, ServiceNow Platform Implementation, CMDB Fundamentals, ServiceNow ITSM Fundamentals and ServiceNow ITSM Implementation. 
  • Exam duration- 90 minutes
  • Cost of Registration-  $150 each.

Which ServiceNow Certification should I start with?

As the organization moves toward automation to speed up the process, ServiceNow has a variety of solutions that offer numerous courses to grasp the needs and standards of each certification path. They also provide you with the necessary expertise to set you apart from the competition and develop the skills and knowledge needed to determine the future scope of any organization’s infrastructure. 

The various certifications offered by ServiceNow have their benefits, and it’s up to the professional which certification path they would like to follow. But it is recommended to start with the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification as it’s an entry-level certification with minimal requirements. Candidates should, however, have prior experience with ServiceNow products.


Get your ServiceNow Certifications on the first go

All aspirants who need to understand ServiceNow before moving to other programs or certification tracks should start with the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification. 

So, don’t wait any longer and sign up in saasguru and get a head start with the Servicenow certified administrator certification. 

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