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What jobs can you get with a Salesforce Certification in 2022?

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What jobs can you get with a Salesforce Certification in 2022?

Salesforce certification is the need of the hour, especially for individuals who want to enhance their status in their organization. It is quite a beneficial certification that establishes your position within your company and also makes you a star performer.

Salesforce certifications can help you reach the next level in your career as technology evolves rapidly. The exams are designed to assess core Salesforce development and configuration skills that will help you attain maximum productivity in administering and supporting Salesforce.

Using Trailhead, reading past exam papers, and attending webinars are common ways to prepare for these examinations. Nothing, however, surpasses training programs backed up by professional help from a seasoned expert with years of industry knowledge and experience. 

What jobs can you get with a Salesforce Certification?

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

There are numerous Salesforce certifications to choose from, and depending on which certification exam you decide to take, it will land you a specific job role in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Let’s look at some of the high-demand Salesforce Certifications and their respective job roles. 

1. Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification – Salesforce Administrator

The Salesforce Certified Administrator is an entry-level credential. As a Salesforce Administrator, you’ll be in charge of modifying a company’s Salesforce platform to improve the team’s workflows and processes. A Salesforce platform administrator is in charge of configuring the platform’s technical requirements, maintaining data, and aiding the team with planning and coordinating their tasks on the forum.

If you don’t have an IT background, a career as an Administrator is an excellent place to start.  

2. Salesforce Platform Developer Certifications- Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce developer has a thorough understanding of Salesforce and its potential. This field is for those with strong coding ability, and with their skills, they construct personalised applications and services for their customers. Even though this is a technical position, it requires more than just programming. They must interact with sales and marketing teams to ensure that the clients’ demands are fulfilled. Salesforce Developers are responsible for quality assurance, debugging, testing, and user documentation, among other things.

Compared to other Salesforce job roles, Salesforce developers are always in higher demand due to their technological skills. They also receive a lucrative package due to their excellent coding skills and knowledge of Admin management. 

3. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect- Salesforce Architect

This is the most specialized Salesforce role, requiring a great deal of attention and knowledge. Furthermore, this is a highly regarded and well-paid position within Salesforce.

Architects must be proficient with declarative functionality and code-centric methods to build Salesforce efficiently. They must know the specifics of the internal operations of the currently in-use solutions and what has proven to be most effective “in the field” based on experience with similar businesses.

As a Salesforce Solution Architect, you’ll have access to a greater selection of job possibilities and opportunities for promotion. It may also result in a pay raise.

The best aspect is that there is always a demand for Salesforce architects worldwide, so you will be able to relocate if you so desire.

4. Salesforce Consultant Certifications- Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce Consultants are in charge of deploying and optimizing Salesforce solutions in a cost-effective and scalable way that meets the needs of their customers. Salesforce Consultants offer a crucial function that allows firms to get the most out of their Salesforce investment, and they deserve to be adequately compensated for their efforts.

When it comes to Salesforce consulting, responsibilities might range from configuration to work that involves collecting information and managing a project’s timeline. Consultants will get increasingly active throughout the project lifecycle as they advance in seniority. However, they will be less hands-on when it comes to configuration.

Is It Worthwhile To Get Salesforce Certified?

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Salesforce Certifications are well worth the investment! 

Obtaining a certification assures you and the people around you that you have the skills required to complete your day-to-day tasks as a Salesforce professional. 

Certifications are necessary because they ensure employers and clients that you have confidence in your ability and will provide the finest solutions possible. However, it’s crucial to note that the number of certifications a person has doesn’t always correspond to the depth of their knowledge. Some people excel at passing exams (especially multiple choice), while others struggle but have more profound technical expertise.


Although we have discussed the few high-demand Salesforce certifications in this blog, at the end of the day, you get to decide which Salesforce certification you want to prepare for. But, as a suggestion, start with the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. 

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