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Which AWS Certification is in Demand?

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Which AWS Certification is in demand?

It’s great that you have decided to take any AWS certification to upskill your career, and that’s why you are here. Cloud computing skills are in huge demand, but there are not many qualified candidates for the same. So, this is the right time for you to step into the world of AWS. 

AWS Certification strengthens enterprises’ attempts to establish successful and inventive teams for cloud initiatives using AWS by enhancing the skills of on-demand cloud computing workers. 

The following are some of the different role-based certifications that are available: 

  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Operations 
  • Engineers
  • Administrators.

Although each certification test has a different exam time and fee, they all use a multiple-choice, multiple-answer format. Professionals must recertify when their credentials expire because it is only valid for two years. Other certification tests are accessible in a variety of languages other than English, except the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty certification, which is only available in English.

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is the fundamental certification that provides a foundation for your AWS knowledge.

Click here for AWS certified cloud practitioner study guide – explore updated AWS CCP syllabus, exam pattern, exam fee, registration & preparation tips.

What Are the Advantages of Obtaining AWS Certification? 

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

The latest trend in the information tech industry is cloud computing. Every business, no matter how big or little, wants to shift its apps, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. As a result, experts in cloud computing are in need. 

Acquiring an AWS certificate provides you with the following advantages:

1. Badge (Digital)

With your certification, you’ll receive a digital badge that you may display on social media and in your email signature. You’ll also get instant access to AWS-sponsored certification events.

2. Exam Savings

Receive a 50% off voucher that can be used toward recertification or any other exam.

3. Recognized Events

Invitations to local Appreciation Receptions will be sent to you. Your digital badge can also be used to gain entry to AWS Certification Lounges and selected AWS Summit events.

4. AWS Certified Community Around the World

Interact with many other AWS Certified professionals by joining the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community.

5. Free Exam Preparation

A practice exam voucher might help you prepare for your next AWS Certification.

Are AWS Certifications in Demand in 2022?

Cloud computing has transformed from an additional valuable resource to a must-have service as more enterprises move their operations to the public cloud. Select the most appropriate AWS certification path for your AWS adventure and start your journey towards it.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) controls over 60% of the public cloud industry on its own. As a result, there’s no doubt that the AWS platform is among the finest for obtaining certifications.

Here, let us look at the best AWS certifications for 2022.

Best AWS Certifications

Which AWS Credentials are in High Demand?

Most AWS certifications are currently in high demand. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and AWS Certified Security certificates, on the other hand, appear to be the most in-demand at the moment. The first focuses on the DevOps function, while the second is a specialized test that teaches you cloud security best practices.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner credential is also popular as an introduction-level certification. Candidates who want to learn more about the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, in general, can attempt this certification, which also stands as a base to pursue other certifications. To improve your AWS Cloud understanding, you’ll look into AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, and price.

What AWS Certification Should You Pursue?

As with every job opportunity, the job roles vary. You can start by pursuing the AWS Cloud Practitioner credential as it explains AWS principles and services to non-technical individuals. All other AWS certifications require the AWS CCP Certification as well. 

AWS Certified Solutions Architects, on the other hand, had the highest average compensation in 2021, at $161,000. Keep in mind that the average yearly salary for additional certificates and equivalent professions was only a few thousand dollars. Acquiring an AWS certification and displaying it on your portfolio will put you ahead of the game when landing a career in AWS

How to Get Certified in AWS?

Taking an AWS training course will improve your understanding of cloud computing and AWS, so do not hesitate to join one. After that, study and review the exam instructions before taking the test. Also, go through several AWS whitepapers accessible, which have a wealth of knowledge. Above all, practice as much as possible! Practice tests will aid in your preparation and training for the big day.

Once you’ve completed your preparation, schedule the exam. Depending on your expertise and the certification you’re pursuing, it can take anywhere from 80 to 120 hours of practice/studying to get you adequately prepared for the exam. 

To Sum Up

Become an AWS certified Professional

AWS is the industry leader in cloud computing, and several businesses rely on its goods and services. It is expected to continue to expand further in 2022; thus, earning an AWS certification is well worth the effort.

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