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AWS CCP EXAM PREP: What are AWS Analytics Services?

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AWS CCP EXAM PREP: What are AWS Analytics Services?

Hey aspirant, are you all decked up for your upcoming AWS CCP exam? If you are, you already know how important it is to be well versed in AWS Analytics Services, as it is a crucial part of the Cloud Practitioner role. 

The performance and scale of AWS analytics services are geared to provide you with the best results for your needs. They are explicitly designed to assist you in swiftly extracting data insights using the best tool for the task. It is a service provided by Amazon that aids in the processing and giving of data insights through analysis.

A wide variety of data analytics services are available from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which makes it easier to build swiftly, scale, protect, and deploy big data tools. Capabilities for extensive data collection, storage, processing, and analysis come in a wide variety of features. 

Today’s blog will tell you everything you need to know about Amazon’s services, which make up the entire AWS Analytics Services. Let us begin!

Here is the list of top 5 AWS Analytic Services that sums up the definition:

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1. Amazon Athena

Amazon Athena holds all due credit when it comes to analyzing data without facing difficulty in Amazon S3 using ordinary SQL. You only pay for the queries you perform, and there is no infrastructure to maintain in Amazon Athena, which makes it a genuinely extraordinary serverless real-time application service.

Utilizing Athena is simple, and most findings arrive in seconds.

  • Specify the schema
  • Refer to your data on Amazon S3 
  • And begin basic SQL queries

Athena eliminates the need for challenging extracts, load tasks, and transforms to prepare your data for analysis. For anybody with SQL knowledge, this is highly effective for quickly reading big datasets.  

With Athena’s out-of-the-box integration with AWS Glue Data Catalog, you can build a consistent metadata repository for use by different services, crawl data sources to find schemas, add a new and updated table and partition definitions to your catalog, and keep track of schema versioning.

2. Amazon CloudSearch

Amazon Cloudsearch is the go-to service you need if setting up, scaling a search solution, and managing your website or application is your requirement. It is highly effective, can be operated easily, and is highly affordable. 

One of the most easily manageable services in the AWS Cloud, the Amazon CloudSearch backs you up with 34 variant languages to help you do your task without facing difficulty communicating. Lastly, Amazon CloudSearch also offers search tools like autocomplete, highlighter, and geographical tools that are well appreciated globally.

3. Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is the dominating force in the big data platform of the cloud industry, acclaimed for its procession of the humungous amount of data. It is built on open source technologies, including Apache Hive, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Apache Hudi, Apache HBase, and Presto. 

Setting up, managing, and expanding your big data setup is made simple by Amazon EMR’s automation of time-consuming tasks like capacity provisioning and cluster tuning. You can analyze Petabyte-scale using Amazon EMR at a much lesser price than the traditional on-premises systems.

4. Amazon FinSpace

Amazon FinSpace (FSI) is a data management analytic service designed to operate the financial aspect of the business. FinSpace is highly effective in cutting timing to locate and prepare petabytes of financial data for analysis. What other services might take months, FinSpace solves the issue in minutes. 

Developing and maintaining a service that manages data for financial analytics is made easy with the help of Amazon FinSpace. You may categorize the data collected with the help of FinSpace according to your business terms, for example, risk level, asset type, or geographic area. 

With keeping on your business needs, FinSpace makes it simple to find and exchange data within your firm. FinSpace enforces the data access controls you establish in one location while maintaining audit logs for compliance and activity reporting. 

5. Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis is your choice of AWS analytic service if you want a real-time analysis, processing, and acquiring streaming data insights instantly and get instant responses to the latest information. 

Amazon Kinesis is the analytic service one needs for processing streaming data at any desired scale without making a hole in their pocket. It permits you to pick the tools that suit your requirement the most for application. 

One of the best features of Amazon Kinesis is that it enables you to freely analyze your data and process it whenever you need it without waiting for all the data to get processed.

Become an AWS certified Professional

All set for the AWS CCP Exam, then? 

If you wish to crack the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification exam, knowing about AWS Analytics Services is a must. AWS Analytics Services is a vast topic that holds a crucial part in the AWS CCP Exam. We hope you got a clear idea about this topic from this blog and will be able to excel in your certification exam. 

If you face any problem studying or preparing for the exam, or have any queries while comprehending AWS Analytics Services, feel free to reach out to our gurus by joining our slack community. We have got you covered when it comes to AWS certification preparation training. 

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