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Is AWS Solution Architect Associate Worth It?

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Is AWS solution architect associate worth it?

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is a credential that can boost your resume to another level. As you might already know, AWS has the highest market in the cloud business, and as a result, any certification from this CRM service provider is highly valuable and worth every penny. 

Anyone interested in learning how to be ready for an AWS certification should be aware that AWS designs its questions in such a manner that only someone with real-world expertise who is also familiar with its services can pass.

If you are an AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification aspirant and are in doubt about whether it is worth having a certification or not, then this blog is for you. We are going to point out why an AWS Solution Architect Associate’s Salary is so high further in this blog. 

Who is an AWS Solution Architect Associate?

An IT professional who is well-versed in handling the AWS platform and is proficient and knowledgeable enough to not only deal with complex situations arising in the AWS platform that it offers but also find the appropriate solutions to the problems can be called an AWS Solution Architect Associate. 

Any of the many ranges of services offered on the AWS platform is accessible to him via service calls. He has the skills necessary to create a complete software application with the AWS platform serving as its backend and hundreds of AWS services at its disposal. He should be able to link several AWS services together and send signals via many of them simultaneously. He does this to increase the software application’s overall efficiency and robustness, not to make a spectacular display of his abilities.

The AWS Solutions Architect Associate should be knowledgeable and capable of leading the effort to integrate the future software application with the AWS infrastructure. The AWS solutions architect associate performs the role of an architect or designer of the complete software programme. 

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Why Taking a Certification Worth It?

1. Knowledge of Cloud Computing is Essential for IT Workers

The fact that cloud computing is inescapable for IT workers in 2022 is one of the main arguments in favour of earning an AWS certification. All industries are shifting toward the cloud as a result of cutting-edge technology like AI and ML. According to Forbes, the popularity of cloud computing is significantly impacted by these advanced technologies.

IT workers will need to be familiar with cloud computing, especially AWS services, both now and in the future. If you want to get a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd, you cannot overlook possessing AWS credentials.

2. AWS skills are in Short Supply Compared to Demand

Employers throughout the world are struggling to locate workers with cloud computing skills. Recent studies show that 60% of job postings for cloud computing positions mention the need for AWS-related expertise. These numbers demonstrate the huge demand for AWS knowledge, which will only increase in the next few years. Learning AWS is one of the best ways to develop your career and be hired by your ideal company for a high-paying position.

3. An AWS Credential Proposes a Secure Career Move

AWS comes in 3rd place in the market for infrastructure as a service. This surpasses the sum of Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. In this manner, if the current trend continues as experts anticipate, AWS is likely to develop tremendously in the next years. Therefore, obtaining an AWS certification is a secure career move for anyone looking to develop their careers and businesses on this highly regarded platform.

4. AWS Certifications Are Required for High-Paying Jobs

AWS-certified professionals get lucrative wages compared to their counterparts with no certifications. For AWS employment, six figures in salary are typical. Additionally, in these challenging times, all you need to become a cloud computing specialist is to select the finest AWS Certification path, locate the best AWS Certification courses, put in a lot of effort, and pass your test.

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Why is the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam hard to crack?

The AWS Solution Architect Associate certification being such a valuable credential, is definitely not very easy to crack. You need to make a substantial effort to make sure you excel in the exam. 

Train yourself properly to ace the exam as only someone who has completed AWS solutions architect associate training from a reputed preparation training program can ace it successfully. 

Someone who has the necessary skills and expertise first to build an application to make use of the wide range of AWS services can accomplish this. This clearly means that just theoretical knowledge is insufficient to excel as an AWS Solution Architect Associate.

Career Path

An AWS Solutions Architect’s main responsibility is to create Cloud-based solutions that are fault-tolerant, effective, efficient, and scalable.

You can qualify for the following positions with an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certification:

  • AWS DevOps Architect
  • AWS Cloud DevOps Architect
  • Senior Solutions Architect 
  • Cloud Solutions Architect 
  • Cloud Engineer 
  • Cloud Operations Engineer
  • AWS Enterprise Architect


It is crucial to remember that getting the Solutions Architect Associate certification alone would not be enough to help you get established as an AWS Solution Architect Associate. It would be best if you also had your skills polished for a company to want you as their saviour. 

We hope you now understand the worth of an AWS Solution Architect Associate better. So now, without further ado, head on to a saasguru to enrol yourself for the AWS Solution Architect Associate training programme and qualify for the exam with excellent marks.

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