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Best Career Options After Graduation in 2022

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Best Career Options After Graduation in 2022

With due credit to the pandemic, the world has finally understood the value of upskilling themselves rather than adding degrees to their resume. Going forward with higher education after graduation is undoubtedly the best decision, but not if you stagnate your career for the sake of education.

In the last two years, we have witnessed the thin line between being educated and being highly skilled. Though your education will get you to an interview, your skillset will get you the job. Hence, it is the most important thing you should decide on which career you want to pursue while you are yet to graduate so that you get the opportunity to upskill at an early age in your career.

The kind of life one will live, their lifestyle, and everything else depends on their career choices. Given the number of career options available in the current scenario, it is not surprising that one gets overwhelmed about which one to go with. Starting from e-commerce and AI to remote work options spread around all spheres of IT, there are a thousand career options to choose from.

To help you figure out which one to pursue, we have brought you this blog which talks about 5 career options after graduation.

1. Salesforce Administrator

If you are interested in administrative services, possess leadership potential, and have excellent communication skills, Salesforce Administration is probably one of the best career options you can consider.

To become a Salesforce Admin, you do not need any fancy bachelor’s or master’s degree, nor do you need to be from any particular academic background. Individuals with the necessary skills and a primary graduation degree from an authorized university can pursue their career in becoming a Salesforce Admin.

As we already know, cloud computing is the upcoming market that will flourish and has already created a rage in the IT world, comprising a market value 2 times higher than their 2nd largest competitor. Hence, building a career in the cloud computing industry would be beneficial for you.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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If you are an absolute beginner in the cloud industry, let us tell you that Salesforce Admin Certification is one of the most beginner-friendly certifications to acquire and start your career in the cloud computing world.

Salesforce has the largest market share, 19.8% to be precise, in the CRM genre and is often the most significant single player available until now. Most giant companies prefer Salesforce over other platforms, including PUMA, American Express, Spotify, Philips, Vodafone, L&T, and several other companies.

Hence, it would be a very wise decision on your front to choose Salesforce as your career in case you are interested in Cloud Computing.

2. Business Administration

One of the most popular career options of all time has to be in the Business Administration field or what is famously known as the Management industry. Pursuing MBA after graduation has always been the first choice for several engineering, hospitality, and commerce students for decades.

Engineering students who are not keen to build their future in the IT industry opt for management and have slowly become potential candidates. In contrast, hospitality and commerce students are ideal candidates suitable for the role.

Despite the fact that the field is highly saturated, if you can own a seat in the top MBA colleges after cracking the CAT (Common Aptitude Test) exam and prove your credibility in managing business administration, then it can definitely turn out to be a flourishing career option.

MBA will ensure you get a high-paying job in the fortune 500 companies present in the market. This is mainly the primary reason why people opt for business administration, as the role is critical for any company.

3. AWS Cloud Practitioner

AWS is a globally recognized cloud platform with one of the largest markets in the IT industry. So, having a career in the AWS cloud platform is definitely one of the safest choices to consider, apart from the fact that the growth cardiogram is believed to be higher in the AWS platform than in any other for beginners joining.

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If you wish to start your journey in the AWS platform, then the AWS Cloud Practitioner is the most suitable and likely one of the most accessible certifications you can begin with. The best part about cloud computing is that you can always keep upgrading your certifications and get newer credentials carrying forward the present one.

To become an AWS Cloud Practitioner, you need a graduation degree from any academic background from an authorized university. There are no complex prerequisites for applying for this certification.

4. Banking

Suppose you are more inclined toward a stable and steady career instead of going for a business mindset where your career graph will have its share of highs and lows. In that case, banking is one of the careers you can choose, irrespective of your academic background.

There are roles for every individual in the banking field, whether you are from science, arts, or commerce. It is not unusual for engineers to opt for a banking career after graduation as it serves quite a lucrative job role for people with technical expertise.

Unlike the other career options, getting a job in the banking industry and having a successful career can take you some time, though worth investing.

Some job roles with the highest pay scale in banking are equity analyst, bank manager, financial risk manager, and investment banker.

5. Pursue Higher Education

If you have the privilege and the urge to carry forward your education, we suggest you pursue higher studies and plan your career according to your will instead of getting carried away by what other peer groups are doing.

Suppose you are an engineer who wants to get a high-paying job in a leading company, but for that, you need a higher degree; we suggest you complete your M.Tech and then start hunting for a job. Similarly, if you are interested in business and are from a hospitality background, opt for an MBA, get the credentials, and start your career after that.

Got Your Clarity?

As we all know, there is no proper roadmap to success. In stating the ultimate fact that choosing a career at an early stage does bring several advantages, it is absolutely fine if an individual reflects on growing their skillset before opting for a particular career in the first place.

If you are willing to grow your skills, then take professional courses from reputed platforms where you can get proper guidance, 24×7 support, and, more importantly, the appropriate knowledge you want to gain.

We at saasguru have mentors who can help you understand the concept of Salesforce, AWS, and ServiceNow platforms better than any other sources you can find on the search engine.

We are certain that you have quite a few more questions relating to choosing a career. We would love to hear the queries on our slack channel and answer them as well to help you get a brighter future. Good Luck!

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