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Is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Worth It?

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Is AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Worth It

The AWS certified cloud practitioner programme assists businesses in discovering and developing employees with critical cloud deployment experience. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential verifies a user’s understanding of AWS basics in the cloud.

IT professionals can use AWS certifications to demonstrate and validate their technical skills and knowledge. AWS also offers several certification exams for cloud engineers, architects, and administrators

Why is it worthwhile to become an AWS Cloud Practitioner?

One of the main reasons AWS credentials are significant is that cloud computing will be inevitable for IT professionals in 2022. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, among other ground-breaking technologies, are propelling all businesses to the cloud. Most IT experts agree that these cutting-edge technologies are critical for cloud computing adoption.

So, is AWS Cloud Practitioner worth it? Undoubtedly, yes. Cloud computing knowledge, particularly the knowledge of AWS services, is a must for IT professionals now and in the future. As a result, you shouldn’t overlook AWS certifications if you want to get a competitive edge and stand out in 2022.

Refer to AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide for more details on the credential. 

Reasons why AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is worth it

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1. High Popularity

Cloud computing is essential for IT professionals, which is one of the key reasons why AWS credentials are valuable. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, among other revolutionary technologies, are moving all businesses to the cloud. The majority of IT professionals agree that these high-end technologies are important in cloud computing adoption. As a result, if you want to achieve a competitive advantage, it’s recommended that you work towards an AWS certification.

2. Huge Pay

AWS certification won’t only add brownie points to your CV; it can also help you fetch a higher salary. According to a pay survey conducted by Jefferson Frank, 70% of AWS professionals interviewed claimed a wage increase of up to 20%  after earning their certification.

According to a 2018 poll conducted in the United States and Canada, qualified professionals earn an average of $113,932 per year, while those without qualifications earn almost $20,000 less.

3. Highly Employable

A quarter of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) market is controlled by AWS, which is another reason to start your cloud computing adventure with them. This is more than Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure’s combined revenue. 

AWS is likely to grow tremendously in the future years if this pattern continues, as analysts estimate. For IT professionals and anybody else wishing to advance their career and abilities on this well-known platform, earning an AWS certification is a safe bet.

4. Big Reputation

Reliability, reputation, and knowledge are essential for contributing value to potential clients and employers. These attributes distinguish AWS professionals and establish long-term relationships. 

When an employee knows that the professional they’re hiring has earned an AWS certification, it indicates that the professional has completed the substantial training needed to work in the AWS platform and is capable of completing any relevant tasks. This is an effective strategy for building credibility, trust, and expertise. Showcasing your skills will only help you create a brighter and more stable future for your career.

5. Soaring Demand

The majority of employers are looking for professionals with cloud computing expertise. According to sources, AWS skills and knowledge are in great demand now and will likely be so in the near future as well. As a result, mastering AWS is one of the best ways to enhance your profession and ensure that you get a high-paying job at your preferred company.


Become an AWS certified Professional

With the points mentioned above, we have a brief understanding of why an AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is worth it. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification verifies your understanding of AWS and your ability to work in the cloud, and with proper guidance and AWS training, you can build a stable career in the AWS platform.  

To get a headstart on your AWS certification, sign up for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification course on saasguru and pave your way to a bright future for your career.

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