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Salesforce Dreamforce Key Takeaways 22′

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Salesforce Dreamforce Key Takeaways 22'

Salesforce Dreamforce Key Takeaways 22′

Top 10 Dreamforce Keynote Announcements 2022

Salesforce Dreamforce is one of the largest gatherings of the Salesforce community. Every year, Salesforce makes announcements at Dreamforce that preview the upcoming year’s roadmap.   

Salesforce has come with brilliant innovations in technology this time too. At the same time, Salesforce emphasizes the core values to be understood and followed. Sustainability is the future of humankind, and Salesforce considers sustainability as a core value like trust, customer success, innovation, and equal opportunity. 

To analyze and achieve net zero carbon emission, Salesforce introduces net zero cloud 2.0 (Formerly known as sustainability cloud) with a lot of benefits like carbon footprint forecast, science-based actions, etc.

Looking into the technology side, here are the key takeaways of Dreamforce Key Announcements2022.

Salesforce Easy

Timing is the key to grabbing leads and opportunities. Easy is a tool that brings together customer 360, which gives time to value for a customer.

Those who worked with the Service Cloud console and customer 360 know how important it is to get all details in a single view. In Easy, Salesforce provides sales, service, and marketing features in a single navigation console. You would be able to import your leads, create a marketing campaign, and resolve cases in a single flow. Another significant beauty of Easy is that it brings Trailhead modules in the Easy screen for our quick learning purpose without navigating to an external site (Guidance center).

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So when Easy comes, the following results will be the outcomes.

  • Easy to increase productivity – Simplified usage (Login/social site contacts/learning), single unified flow(Marketing- Sales – Service)
  • Easy to save time – Bring automation in sales, service & marketing
  • East to cut costs – One platform with real-time ROI visibility


Genie is the super cute product of Dreamforce 22. Everyone talks about that innovation; everyone praises that idea. So what’s Genie?

In simple terms, Genie provides real-time data in a single platform. Salesforce report says an average company has 976 different applications to track. That means data is disoriented in 976 systems. Here comes Genie as a savior; Salesforce Genie is the real-time platform for customer magic which gives all insights on customer 360. It brings real-time automation and real-time intelligence together in a single platform. 

Now the curious part is how did Salesforce achieve this? Genie is built upon hyper force. Hence it is a hyper-scale data platform. It has built-in connectors with all first-party solutions like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, etc. Similarly, it is easy to connect with applications like Azure, Google, etc. All these data can be connected to a single platform either with batch ingestion or streaming real-time ingestion. Once all data is received, prepare and transform these data sets, giving the customer graph a 360-degree view of information.

Another potential concern with data transformation into a single application is whether we should compromise on our data quality. Or will there be duplicates? Genie provides a solution with an out-of-the-box match and reconciles option, which is primarily intended to have the best quality data for final actions.

Now, these unified, consolidated data can be processed for calculated insights, AI predictions, and BI analysis. Salesforce does not stop here. Based on analytics, we would be able to build automation and the next best actions with the help of flows, journeys, apex, etc.

Snowflake and Genie can be connected with just 3 clicks. This helps push data to the snowflake data warehouse with much ease with 0 copies(No duplicates). Similarly, you can take tables from snowflake into Genie for intelligence and automation.

Slack: Introduction of Canvas

Communication & collaboration is the crucial aspect of gaining & retaining customers’ trust. Slack plays a pivotal role here. Slack has been integrated with all Salesforce products, including Genie.

Also, with the introduction of the latest slack features, internal collaboration becomes easier. The prominent announcement is the launch of Slack Canvas. Most of the teams struggle to get the right tools to capture the needed data or information. This creates a waste of time by keeping on searching for the information. Canvas integrates with different applications and provides information in Slack. Employees can share & retrieve the information needed seamlessly. Slack and flow integrations will be connected. This will help in message-based action solutions in the canvas application.

Only one canvas can be attached to a channel. This channel can be integrated with Jira, google workspace, Salesforce, etc.

As per the salesforce report, with the help of Slack,

  • 40% reduction in meeting preparation time
  • 3x faster lead response
  • 2.6x increase in average deal size
  • 60% greater forecasting accuracy

Financial & Healthcare Services

Dreamforce continues its customer magic in each business domain. Let’s see what all new capabilities come in financial and healthcare services.

Financial Services

Customers using Financial Services are going to see the introduction of virtual financial assistants, which will help to

  • Deflect calls and resolve issues quickly
  • Deploy financial services bots in minutes
  • Leverages service process automation

This makes customer and service agent life easy as a customer will be able to resolve issues by themselves, and agents will be able to focus on critical cases. The subsequent introduction is contact center Genie, which will help to enable many service features to be automated, and all of these features are out of the box.

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Listing down a few examples: 

  • Change address
  • Submit an application
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Answer financial discovery questions
  • Quick application status
  • Create a referral
  • Request new card

Genie connects with downstream applications and can provide needed data in a single click. Real-time collaboration and insights will be more accurate with Slack integration & Canvas feature. There would be an exclusive product called Slack for FSC, which will reduce the silos or gaps between each step in a long business process.

Health Care & Lifesciences

The key announcement of Dreamforce 2022 was Unified health scoring, which will be a score attained from different data sources and analyzing intelligent patterns. Based on the score, the health cloud provides many automated flows for patient care, like patient assessment programs, patient notifications, etc.

Summing Up

In short, the Salesforce Dreamforce announcements for 2022 were fascinating. They included new features, products, and services. So developers, consultants & architects – tighten your seat belt to experience the adventure and new learning isles in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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