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What is PD1 Certification in Salesforce?

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What is PD1 Certification in Salesforce

The Salesforce Platform Developer I certification is for professionals who have good knowledge and are capable and experienced in building custom lightning apps.

The Lightning Platform’s core programmatic capabilities for designing custom business logic and interfaces to expand Salesforce utilising Apex, Visualforce, and essential Lightning Components are covered in this certification. To earn this certificate, the individual must pass the Salesforce Platform Developer I certification test. 

The Salesforce Platform Developer I test is for someone who has developed and deployed fundamental business logic and user interfaces utilising the Lightning Platform’s programmatic capabilities and practical application of the concepts and skills required for this platform. The aspirant should have about one to two years of developer expertise, six months of Lightning Platform experience, and a lot of time spent researching relevant sources.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 requires the following skills and knowledge

  • Object-oriented languages such as Java, JavaScript, Apex, C#, and Ruby should be known to the candidate. 
  • The aspirant should have worked with relational databases and data-driven applications.
  • The professional should be familiar with the Model View Controller (MVC) and component-based design.
  • The aspirant should possess a thorough understanding of the primary objects in the Salesforce schema.
  • The candidate should understand when to employ declarative vs. programmatic approaches.
  • The candidate should be familiar with and capable of utilising the platform’s functional, declarative features, as needed.
  • The aspirant should thoroughly understand the different features and use cases of Formula fields and roll-up summary fields. 
  • The candidate should be aware of the foundations of the Lightning framework.
  • The applicant should know when to use the Lightning Process Builder instead of an Apex trigger.
  • The candidate should know that the Lightning Platform’s basic programmatic features can be used to create custom interfaces that extend Salesforce’s capabilities and generate bespoke business logic.
  • The professional should ideally be capable of enhancing the Apex, Visualforce, essential Lightning Components, and the Lightning Platform.

Note: When the candidate appears for the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certification exam, they are not required to administer any regular Salesforce applications, construct mobile apps, develop and publish managed products on the AppExchange, tune, or design connectors like callouts, APIs, or email services.

Have a look at the roles and responsibilities of Salesforce Platform developer 1 to get an in-depth idea of what this platform requires.

How do you become a Salesforce Developer?

Most software engineers, including Salesforce developers, hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related subject and strong computer programming abilities and relevant experience. You must also be proficient with Object-Oriented Programming Principles, the Model-View-Controller design model, and programming in.NET or Java. It also helps if you have experience and understanding in the business where your Salesforce abilities will be most beneficial.

In addition, having completed an internship with a software company is beneficial if you plan to get into Salesforce development directly out of college. You’ll gain connections, expertise, and necessary abilities due to this arrangement. Consider enrolling in a salesforce developer training course to learn the skills you’ll need and earn your certification. Certification is significant in this sector since it demonstrates to potential employers that you have the necessary abilities to perform the job.

Why is Salesforce an excellent career choice? 

Salesforce is the most extensively used Customer Relationship Management platform. Over the last four years, it has expanded at a rate of 25% each year on an average, with a big goal to double that rate over the next four years. A large portion of the increase will be the development of new Salesforce professionals—an estimated 3.3 million additional jobs by 2022, to be specific.

Demand for cloud expertise is set to skyrocket as digitalization sweeps the globe, leaving no industry behind. Those with experience in designing will particularly be in high demand.

Three times a year, Salesforce delivers updates and introduces exciting new features. Developers have access to a constantly changing collection of tools, ensuring Salesforce remains at the forefront of new developments and trends. Salesforce is all about improving its customers’ lifestyle, so you can bet the Salesforce team is working hard to incorporate the latest tech trends into the platform. Whether it’s AI, blockchain, or serverless computing, Salesforce Developers are never last when it comes to getting access to cutting-edge developments so they can put them to use in their enterprises. This makes Salesforce an innovative and exciting platform.

Users who work with Salesforce don’t have to be concerned about the application’s infrastructure. Its unified codebase allows developers to concentrate entirely on apps and data, sure that future features will function. That means you may tackle problems from a business standpoint.

Salesforce Developer’s Salary

According to the Mason Frank Career and Hiring Guide: 2021- 22 

With Salesforce customers and partners seeking the best professionals, the ecosystem supply and demand challenge is causing a rise in wages. A software developer’s average income in the United States is roughly $85,500. On the other hand, Salesforce developers can earn anything from $111,232 to $161,418 per year, depending on their level of experience.

Contractors earning an average of $70 to $155 per hour as freelance Salesforce Developers are well compensated. Concentrating on particular Salesforce functionalities, such as Sales Cloud or Visualforce, may help you earn more money, and acquiring certifications can help you advance your career.

In Conclusion

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

The benefit of being a Salesforce developer is working on a platform that produces new versions three times a year with tremendous improvements. And because there is only one code base, all features, new and old, will always work. This frees up developers’ time to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

Furthermore, the Salesforce platform provides developers with an ever-evolving set of tools that stay up with modern and advanced technological developments. Salesforce developers don’t have to worry about including the latest technology, whether it’s AI, blockchain, serverless, or something that hasn’t been invented yet.

You can carefully arrange your study schedule and revise entirely once you have signed up for  Salesforce Developer PD1 Certification with saasguru and are confident in the materials you possess.

It is recommended that you take as many mock examinations as possible with saasguru and brush up on your weak areas, and you will ace your certification exam successfully.

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