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Can You Get a Job With AWS Certification Without Experience?

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Can You Get a Job With AWS Certification Without Experience

The simple answer is that it would be challenging to enter into the world of AWS just with an AWS certification. If you are all set to embark on your journey with AWS, you would really need to consider certain things to achieve it. 

Is this to say that certifications aren’t worthwhile? Certainly not! 

Certifications are beneficial in obtaining a good IT job, and AWS careers can be incredibly lucrative. The truth is that becoming “employable” requires much more than certification: you must also have relevant experience for the position you are going for. AWS credentials help you to differentiate among others. Employers expect you to have a few AWS credentials, but if you don’t, you may be overlooked.

But, if you are serious about an AWS career, you should begin with the basic credential, gradually ending up with all the AWS associate certifications, and then moving ahead with other advanced certifications. All these are better projected to your employer if you have some hands-on experience with the platform. 

Choose certificates related to the career roles you seek and try to align them with your personal experience. It’s also worth doing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification because it’s a good starting place and adds to your resume.

What Qualities Does a Company Look For In An Applicant?

It’s necessary to place yourself in the prospective employer’s position and consider what they’re searching for. You can then decide what you need to do to gain a good start on your job hunt for a cloud-based position.

An employer looks for:

  • Someone with the necessary qualifications for the job.
  • Someone with prior experience who can handle things easily.
  • Someone good at communicating
  • Someone good at working in a group.
  • Somebody who is motivated and capable of working with minimal supervision.
  • Someone who is trustworthy and has an optimistic outlook.

What Are the Additional Skills Required for an Applicant?

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

Listed below are the requirements to start a career in AWS.

1. Relevant skills

Strive to apply for positions where your skills are closely related to those listed in the job description. Work on highlighting the talents the employer is searching for on your CV for each position you apply for.

Unfortunately, employers, particularly recruiters, frequently offer job descriptions with extensive skill requirements that would require an entire team to meet. Try to figure out what the listed job’s focus is and make sure your talents match.

2. Experience

It’s challenging to find work without relevant experience. When you’re first starting out, this can be tough because you might not have had any industry knowledge or be transferring out of another area of IT with no direct cloud exposure. This can be tough to handle, so if you find yourself in this situation, here are some suggestions to help you out:

  • Take a training course that includes a lot of practice exercises. If you are called in for an interview process, be prepared to answer topics that could put your practical knowledge to the test.
  • Take it a step further with AWS tutorials, tutorials, and GitHub projects, as well as sample projects and code.
  • Create your own unique projects and construct something that you can show to a potential employer.
  • To gain on-the-job experience, assist in a non-profit or a start-up.
  • Volunteer your time for AWS jobs on a range of websites, and start small to acquire several projects to work on. Make sure you choose a job that you are confident you can complete.

3. Communication

Beginning with communication, ensure your CV is well-written, your emails are well-structured, and you communicate simply and clearly throughout the hiring process and afterwards.

4. Teamwork

 Prepare for questions such as “Explain a group task you worked on” or  “What makes you think of yourself as a team player?” in your interview. Make sure to emphasise how well you’ve collaborated with others to achieve a common goal. 

5. Motivated and Dependable

While it’s essential to work efficiently with others, businesses also want self-motivated individuals. Self-motivation can be demonstrated through acquiring certifications, writing a blog, establishing your own initiatives, and sharing instances of how you achieved goals on your own initiative and passion for the technology.

It’s critical to show a potential employer that you can be trusted. It’s helpful to have a nice tale about how you pushed forward and went above and beyond when you were needed. In every interaction you have with employers, make sure you express professionalism, dedication, commitment, and a good attitude. Ensure your online presence is updated to reflect this as well. 

In Conclusion 

Become an AWS certified Professional

The primary idea is that getting your dream AWS job requires a lot more than just a certification, and it needs dedication and consistent effort to get there. saasguru’s mission is to accompany you on this journey and assist you in achieving your career goals. Check out the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner program and take the first step towards your career in AWS, and let us know what else you need help with in the comments below. 

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