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What is AWS for Beginners?

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What is AWS for beginners?

The AWS cloud computing platform offers several services to assist you in creating and running apps that can adapt quickly as your company expands. It is a rapidly growing cloud platform that enables businesses to develop, launch, and manage scalable online applications.

 If you want to advance your skills and employability, or if you are interested in the cloud and want to learn more, starting with AWS may interest you.

 The most sought-after abilities in the IT sector are those with AWS Certifications. According to a survey, AWS is the top skill in the world, and it has been regularly ranked in the ultimate three abilities for over two years. 

What should you know when building a career in AWS?

Getting started with AWS is simple if you are familiar with cloud computing and its advantages. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable about the numerous AWS services and how to apply them to a business. Then, to make your business function effectively, you need to understand how to use these services and their capabilities.

No matter their position or title, anyone with the knowledge and abilities to demonstrate a good grasp of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is eligible to appear for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test. The entry-level test for AWS is this foundational certification. Aspirants will have a complete overview of the AWS cloud platform after they earn this credential. The accreditation includes security, networking, cloud pricing, and customer care as essential services. Given its growing popularity, everyone interested in a career in the cloud must clear the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

Getting certified is the first step in beginning a career in AWS. You must fulfill the following criteria to be qualified for AWS certifications in general:

  • It is necessary to have at least three years of technical experience. You may fulfill this requirement by using time spent working as an intern.
  • You must grasp the concept behind software development, networking principles, security concepts, and DevOps procedures to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect or AWS Certified Developer. The principles of cloud computing (IaaS), including virtualization and storage management, should also be familiar to you.
  • It would be best if you had expertise managing IT infrastructure for large businesses utilizing cloud computing services like Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure to get an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator or AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification.

Clear Your AWS Certification in One Go!

AWS Certification Levels

 There are introductory, associate, professional, and expert levels of AWS certificates.

1. Certifications at the Introductory Level:

 The sole certification offered in this category is the AWS Cloud Practitioner one.

AWS novices with less than six months of experience should pursue foundational certifications. The AWS Cloud Practitioner is the only certification made available in this category.

 2. Certifications at the Associate Level:

The associate level demands more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of a particular field, and the exam difficulty is also higher than at the foundational level. There are three certifications available at the Associate Level depending on various employment roles: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified Developer.

3. Certifications at the Professional Level:

Professional-level certifications can be earned in as short as five days of self-paced learning and focus on intermediate-level skills in AWS products and services.

4. Certificates at the Expert Level:

The focus of expert-level certificates is on advanced knowledge of particular AWS services or products. Depending on the kind of courses needed for every certification level, which varies by product or service, it could take up to a year or longer to complete.

Get to know more about the AWS Certification Path.

Which AWS Certifications can applicants start with?

The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is the least technical certification in the world of AWS. It gives a thorough overview of AWS. For beginners, passing the AWS cloud practitioner test is relatively tricky. Acing the certification is less complicated if you are familiar with billing software and AWS services. 

 Passing the AWS cloud practitioner exam has become crucial due to increased demand and competitiveness. By expanding and becoming more thorough, the exam aids businesses and organizations in selecting the best individuals. To pass this certification exam, you must work diligently and strategically using the proper tools.

Become an AWS certified Professional


With the addition of new services and products, AWS is expanding quickly. Consequently, your learning path will also continue to grow. No matter how difficult the exam is, learning AWS and its fundamental cloud technology concepts will enable you to perform at your best on test days. 

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