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What is Salesforce Platform App Builder?

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What is Salesforce Platform App Builder?

Over the years, Salesforce has invented declarative, point-and-click tools to build apps on the Salesforce platform. One of their most loved and used tools is the Lightning App Builder. Salesforce democratized the app-building process among business users/ end users. Using these tools, users can create stunning apps in days or even hours, at times, thereby accelerating the app-building timelines. When working with these tools, you are not required to learn coding or possess knowledge of the programmatic development tools of Salesforce. Hence, Salesforce coined the term for such individuals as “Platform App Builder.” 

Platform App Builders are individuals who can exhibit proficiency in designing, creating, and deploying bespoke apps using the Salesforce Platform’s declarative customization tools. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam tests your knowledge of using these tools.

Salesforce includes many typical out-of-the-box features and functions to meet an organization’s sales and customer care needs. Every business, however, has unique needs and wants of its own. With Salesforce, you are not constrained to use only the features that come out of the box. Instead, it offers you tons of flexibility to customize Salesforce to meet your business needs. 

According to new research, The Salesforce Economy will create around 4.2 Million Jobs between 2019 and 2024. If you are a Salesforce professional or someone who builds apps on the Salesforce platform, then this is astounding news for you. Therefore, you must pull up your socks, keep yourself abreast with every Salesforce release and acquire all the knowledge about the latest and greatest features in app-building tools. Take this significant opportunity and upskill yourself if you aspire to become a skilled business process automation expert and are eager to create and deploy new apps on the Salesforce Lighting platform.

You must hold a Salesforce Platform App Builder credential in your arsenal to stay in the competition. This certification validates to the customer that this is your forte. So, why not take the exam and get certified if you have acquired skills in data management and business process automation and have experience creating custom apps without writing a single line of code? The right time is now. 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Salesforce App Builder Certification?

Anyone enthusiastic about the Lightning platform features is welcome to attempt the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification. However, a minimum of six months of experience working and customizing the Lightning Experience platform is preferred. The candidate should have created custom apps and used the knowledge and strategies outlined in the exam objectives below.

A typical Salesforce Platform App Builder has six to twelve months of experience building apps on the Lightning Platform or a comparable technical platform.

The ideal candidate for Salesforce Platform App Builder Credential shall possess:

  • Knowledge of the Lightning Platform features
  • Know-how of Salesforce licensing types and associated elements
  • An understanding and proficiency in creating apps to support business processes
  • Clarity on the different options and features used to enhance the mobile user experience
  • Working knowledge of the Salesforce development environments and options for deploying applications and managing changes in the Lightning platform
  • Mastery of the resources listed in the exam guide, in addition to the additional study materials offered by Salesforce

In addition to the skills listed above, the candidate should have the ability to manage Sales Cloud or Service Cloud and have basic familiarity with programmatic development (Apex, Visualforce, etc.). A candidate for this exam is not expected to know about creating unique Visualforce interfaces or building unique Lightning apps using Apex or JavaScript. These topics are exempted from the list of Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam prerequisites for taking this test.

How To Pass The Salesforce App Builder Certification Exam on First Attempt?

1. Get Certification Preparation Training

Use a platform for online certification training where you will get advice from professionals in the field. You won’t be able to fully understand and apply the principles by only watching videos and reading texts. 

By signing up for a reputable certification preparation platform like saasguru, you will get an opportunity to be trained by industry experts and can learn from their experiences. You could also find success through a customized learning pathway.

2. Take Practice Tests

To put your knowledge to the test, go through as many Salesforce App Builder practice exams as possible. You will receive practice exams to aid your studying during your intensive cert prep sessions. Practice tests and mock exams will help you work through the parts you are weak at, boosting your confidence and enhancing, boosting your confidence and enhancing your knowledge and skills. 

Do not stop taking practice tests until you receive a 90 percent or above. Check the rationale behind all the wrong answers. You can quickly memorize the concepts if you practice the concepts this way.

3. Identify The Exam Objective Weightings

It is recommended to focus on the heavily weighted areas as they will cover most of the questions. That doesn’t imply we shouldn’t study the low-weighted key topics. You can pass the test if you have a firm grasp of the concepts with high weightage. 

Since you can’t be certain that you’ll have the answers to all the questions in the higher-weighted category, you should have a clear understanding of all the concepts explained in the syllabus regardless of their weightages. 

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

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4. Understand The Exam Format

The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions. The time duration of the exam is 105 minutes. The passing score is 63%.

The fee is $200, with a retake fee of $100 if you don’t pass the exam on the first try. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification is intended for individuals who have created custom applications on the Lightning Platform and have applied the necessary skills.

The Platform App Builder exam includes five topics: 

  1. Business Logic and Process Automation
  2. Salesforce Fundamentals
  3. Data Modelling and Management
  4. User Interface 
  5. App Deployment 

Business Logic and Process automation have the highest weightage, accounting for 28% of the total. This is an area that must be prioritized in order to perform well on the exam. 

Check out the syllabus in detail.

Platform App Builder Syllabus

Summing Up

As discussed, you need to comprehend a few concepts, such as designing data models for custom applications, business logic, security, and user interfaces, in order to pass this exam. The candidate should also be familiar with designing reports and dashboards, deploying custom applications, and customizing applications for mobile use.

If you are ready to steer your career in the Salesforce eco-system as a Platform App Builder, then do not spend your time attempting the exam with just ordinary exam materials. Rather, make your learning path highly personalized with saasguru, collaborate 24×7 in real-time with seasoned Salesforce professionals, and get the best certification preparation training to ace the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam in one go. Sign up with saasguru, Now!

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