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AWS Cloud Practitioner (CCP) Cheat Sheet 2022

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AWS Cloud Practitioner (CCP) Cheat Sheet 2022

The AWS Cloud Practitioner cheat sheets help understand the basic terms and topics of the AWS platform and certification exam. 

So, the cheat sheets are helpful for beginners who are trying to get a hold of the basics of AWS. Some of the important and basic terms include AWS services, AWS region, and the subtopics included in the AWS services. 

If you are wondering how to become an AWS certified cloud practitioner, start by covering key terms and concepts and test your knowledge with the help of free AWS cloud practitioner practice exams.

Let us start by learning about the AWS platform and cloud computing. 

Cloud Computing and AWS 

It is a computing service based on the internet through which multiple remote servers are connected to allow centralized storage of data and online access to computer resources and services.

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Amazon web services is a platform that provides cloud computing services in a broad and comprehensive manner.

Cloud services majorly consist of public, private, and hybrid clouds. 

  • Public cloud computing deals with third-party service distributors and provides services and resources to the customers.
  • The private cloud involves the management and provision of services and resources for a specific company.
  • And the hybrid cloud has the features of both the private and public cloud. 

We shall move on to learn about the topics in AWS services in detail. 

AWS Services

1. Compute

The AWS Elastic Compute Cloud allows for resizable, secure compute capacity in the cloud. It is created for easier web-scale computing for developers. 

It allows the users to configure capacity with minimum trouble by giving them full control of computing resources. And it provides you with ways that reduce the time needed to boot new server instances. 

The various advantages of EC2 include:

  • The ability to quickly scale up the capacity.
  • Payment only for those capacities that are actually in use.
  • Availability of tools required to create failure resilient applications and prevention from failure scenarios. 

Computing Services further include:-

  • Elastic Beanstalk- It is a service that provides a way to develop and scale-up web services and applications. Users can develop applications using Python, Java, etc. Once you upload the code, the AWS Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the applications, deployment, etc. 
  • AWS Lambda- It is a computing service and you don’t have to manage the server while running the code. Users pay only for the compute time that they spend- there is no payment when your code is not running. With AWS Lambda, you can run your applications and code with zero administration. 

2. Storage

AWS simple storage services provide industry-leading data scalability, security, performance, and availability. Users can use it to secure any amount of data and of any size. It also includes easy-to-use management features that help you manage and configure data to meet your business needs. 

  • Storage Gateway– It is a hybrid storage service providing a way for seamless use of applications on the AWS cloud storage. Users can use it for cloud data processing, archiving, backup, and migration. 
  • Elastic File Storage– It allows for a scalable, simple, and elastic file system to use with AWS cloud services. It is mainly for Linux-based workloads. It is built to allow huge parallel shared data access to AWS EC2 Instances. The existing applications and tools don’t require any changes while using this service. 
  • Amazon Relational Database Service– Amazon RDS allows users to scale, operate, and set up a relational database in the cloud. It is cost-effective, and it will enable users to resize the capacity while doing administrative tasks such as database setup, hardware provisioning, etc. 
  • Amazon DynamoDB– It is a document database that provides millisecond single-digit performance at any scale. It is fully managed with backup and restore, built-in security, and memory caching for internet-scale applications.
  • Amazon ElastiCache– With ElastiCache, it is easier for users to operate, deploy, and scale an in-memory cache in the cloud. It increases the efficiency of applications by giving users the option of retrieving information from in-memory caches. 

3. Networking and Content Delivery

  • Amazon VPC- With the help of it you can launch AWS resources in a virtual network by logically isolating a section of the AWS cloud. You can have many controls such as choosing your own IT address range, networking environment, the configuration of route tables, creation of subnets, etc. 
  • AWS Direct Connect- It provides a way to set a dedicated network connection to AWS. With the help of AWS Direct Connect, users can set private connectivity between the data center, office, or any other location and AWS. This, in turn, increases the bandwidth and reduces network cost. 
  • Amazon Route 53- It is a highly scalable cloud Domain Name System (DNS) Web service. It is created to provide businesses and developers with a cost-effective and reliable method to route end users to internet applications. 

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To Sum Up

With the AWS Cloud Practitioner cheat sheet mentioned above, you would be able to differentiate and explain different AWS services and basic terms.

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