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AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Cost 2022

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Cost 2022

AWS Cloud Practitioner credential helps companies find and develop talent relevant to implementing cloud initiatives. If you aspire to take this certification, there must be many questions related to the exam overview, like the exam cost. We will guide you through it.

Before going through the exam overview and its cost, it is essential to understand the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. The basic knowledge of the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is crucial before you start preparing for it.

We will look at the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam cost after knowing the ideal candidate to take the exam.

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Are you an ideal candidate for AWS CCP Exam? 

The AWS Cloud Practitioner credential is created for people who have a basic knowledge of the AWS platform. Before taking the cert exam, Amazon recommends that the candidate have:-

  • Experience of six months with the AWS Cloud.
  • Basic understanding of the uses of IT services in AWS.
  • A clear understanding of the Cloud Platform.
  • Knowledge of the core services of AWS and use cases, security concepts, and how the cloud affects your business.

Prerequisites for AWS CCP Exam

Although the AWS Certification exam does not demand any prerequisites, the AWS cloud practitioner certification examines the understanding and abilities of the candidate to work with AWS services and products. Qualified subject matter experts design the exam. So, get familiar with the content outline with a detailed exam guide.

The AWS also provides resources and also there are reliable AWS certification training platform to help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to take the exam.

How much does AWS Certifications exam cost?

If we talk about the AWS Certification cost, you should note that the price ranges from 100 USD to 300 USD based on the exam levels. The cost is valid for a single exam attempt only, and relevant taxes may apply.

The cost of taking the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam is 100 USD

Exam Type Price USD Price AUDPrice EuroPrice JYPPrice KRW
(Cloud Practitioner)

In Conclusion

Become an AWS certified Professional

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