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What jobs can you get with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

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What jobs can you get with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate?

Do you aspire to take your career on another level with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate? Obtaining an AWS cloud practitioner certificate will authenticate your skills to install and develop well-architected AWS solutions. The AWS Cloud Practitioner Certificate gives the organization more confidence in your knowledge and skills and thus increases your employment opportunities.

If you wish to construct a career around IT services or take your existing IT career to new heights, now is the time to gain cloud architecture knowledge and become a valuable asset for organizations looking to migrate, build, and operate in the cloud. 

Before exploring the job options regarding the AWS cloud practitioner certificate, ensure that you are familiar with the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam. And knowing the syllabus in depth is the first step towards building a career around AWS. 

We will now see what an AWS-certified cloud practitioner does and why gaining an AWS cloud practitioner certificate is the first step to starting a career in cloud services. Knowing this will help you better understand the jobs you can get with an AWS cloud practitioner certificate.

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What is the role of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner?

An AWS-certified cloud practitioner is responsible for handling the cloud computing architecture of an organization. Their task involves:

  • Dealing with cloud migration initiatives.
  • Guiding the organization to take care of high-risk issues.
  • Reviewing workload architecture. 

A cloud practitioner supports cloud operations across various verticals and industries. Some of the key responsibilities of a cloud practitioner include helping to define an organization’s cloud strategy, designing and implementing cloud solutions, and managing and optimizing cloud resources.

They are typically technical professionals who are well-versed in cloud computing and have a foundational knowledge of AWS. As a result, they are able to help organizations take advantage of the many benefits that cloud computing can offer. They could also be in charge of instructing and assisting other users within a company in using the various AWS services.

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They are also the link between the business and technical parts of cloud computing in the organization. Hence, it is their responsibility to supervise developers’ technical decisions, and they make sure that the findings are in-line with the business requirements and objectives. 

Obtaining the certificate of AWS cloud practitioner holds tremendous importance for so many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that AWS has approximately 33% of the market share among today’s most extensive cloud services. Some of the well-known companies rely on AWS for their top projects. So, holding an AWS cloud practitioner certification will take you one step further to earning your dream job in the best of companies. Therefore, learning about the AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials is also crucial.

We will now explore the jobs you can get with an AWS cloud practitioner certificate.

Jobs you can get with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

Every career begins with a foundational-level certificate, and for AWS, that certificate is AWS Cloud Practitioner. The certification doesn’t go into in-depth knowledge of any one service and instead gives an overall understanding of AWS. The jobs you get with AWS cloud certification are the following:-

1. AWS Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for transforming a project’s technical details into the design and architecture to drive the final product. The cloud architect is also responsible for bridging the gap between cloud-based solutions and complicated business challenges. 

2. SysOps Administrator

A SysOps Admin handles and maintains the computer server. His duties include operating and running the server. He is also in charge of user protection and access. The primary responsibility of the AWS SysOps administrator is to configure AWS cloud management and track and control its services. 

3. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers design apps that run on the internet. A cloud developer’s day-to-day responsibilities are similar to that of the software engineer or web developer. They spend a lot of time researching customer requirements, designing solutions and systems, coding, debugging, etc. So they also have to deal with issues like security and performance of the system architecture.

4. Cloud DevOps Engineer

A Cloud DevOps Engineer ensures that production operations are effective while maintaining server reliability and delivery speed. Cloud DevOps Engineers deploy and track services, create software delivery pipelines, and manage and learn from incidents using the Google cloud platform. They make and test the infrastructure and resources that allow rapid software development. 

5. AWS Networking Specialist

Network specialists supervise the working and operations of networks and ensure that they run smoothly. They collect network performance data, troubleshoot issues, track network protection, forecast problems, and maintain the network.

6. Cloud Software Engineer

The Cloud Software Engineers solely work with cloud computing systems. They help determine the functioning of a system and provide guidance to programmers who assist in writing the software code. They might improve the functioning of existing systems or create new ones. 

In Conclusion

Become an AWS certified Professional

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People who have the skills and knowledge to effectively show an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, irrespective of specific technical positions covered by other AWS Certifications, can take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam. So, if you think you are a suitable candidate, take the next step by enrolling in the AWS Cloud Practitioner cert exam course on our platform. saasguru provides significant content prepared by the best gurus and allows you to interact with other learners on saasguru Slack Community.

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