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Highest Paying Salesforce Jobs in 2022

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Highest Paying Salesforce Jobs in 2022

Have you ever contemplated which professional path to choose for a business or technology career? 

A Salesforce career will probably cross the mind of someone trying to make a lot of money at some point. Search engines will point you to well-known job boards like Linkedin or Indeed if you’re looking for highest-paying Salesforce job opportunities in 2022. According to one of these recruitment websites, about 19,000 professional Salesforce job positions are available worldwide. This is a profession that anyone could pursue, regardless of professional experience.

Due to its substantial influence on companies operating in the most varying industries, Salesforce is becoming one of the essential tools for enterprises in the tech ecosystem. In 2022, 500 thousand new Salesforce jobs will be generated, and by 2024, the Salesforce ecosystem will employ over 4.2 million people, following the Salesforce report.

What factors influence a high-paying Salesforce position?

A high pay (or any wage, really) is typically compensated due to numerous computing aspects. Experience, certification, location, and area of knowledge and specialisation are the four primary determinants of a high-paying position in Salesforce.

Become a Salesforce Certified Professional

1. Experience

People who work for large companies like Salesforce comparatively make more money than those who work for agencies or businesses using Salesforce’s products. When it comes to getting paid well, experience is crucial, just like in any other career. A salesforce expert’s pay scale climbs as they advance from a lower level job role to a senior architect or consultant because of the increased duties and complexity of the assignment.

2. Certifications for Salesforce

Salesforce certifications are an excellent way to advance your career and demonstrate that you know about a specific platform aspect. Depending on experience and expertise, a Salesforce certification typically costs $200 for each level and $4500 for a certified technical architect.

3. Location

Because of the strong demand caused by the widespread use of Salesforce products, the cost of living, company size, and location affect how much you will make as a Salesforce expert. Compared to Salesforce workers in Europe, Asia, or other regions of the world, individuals who work in the US or Canada earn significantly more money. In New York City, a Salesforce Architect makes an annual pay of 185k compared to 158k in Europe, according to ZipRecruiter’s compensation analysis for 2022.

4. Knowledge and Specialisation

Roles requiring a high level of technical expertise and those with a more significant overall impact on business success, such as sales vice presidents, reflect a better investment for organisations are paid more. For instance, a Salesforce Project Director with experience in solution architecture and product development who has worked in a multi-cloud environment for several years will be an incredible asset to any firm. It will likely earn a competitive salary and benefits.

Highest Paying Salesforce Jobs in 2022

We will discuss the highest paying Salesforce Job roles based on the above factors.

1. Director of Project Management- $245,490 annually says the top-paying Salesforce position in 2022 will be Project Management Director (PMD). This position is exclusively found in large corporations and reports to high management such as CEOs or VPs. Successful PMDs often have a bachelor’s or higher degree, 10+ years of managing expertise, and work experience in the business. Accredited in a project, product, or technology management is always advantageous.

2. Technical Architect- $214,783 annually

Technical architects for Salesforce are skilled at converting business needs into carefully designed solutions that make the most of the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. Their job also entails implementing and creating such solutions, which includes setting up platforms, integrating systems, migrating data, and creating unique reporting dashboards. Working for organisations like IBM or Mulesoft, the highest-paid Salesforce Technical Architect (STA) often has the Technical Architect Certification and makes about $215k annually.

Candidates should have ten years of experience creating technical architecture of Salesforce implementations and adjustments across marketing technology, automation, and digital strategy while working with prestigious businesses or agencies.

3. Salesforce Development Manager- $200,584 annually

A Salesforce Development Manager, or SDM, is in charge of the team of developers who produce Salesforce products for businesses and fulfill consultancy assignments or end-user needs. The Development Manager, who, according to, may earn up to $200,584 per year at the highest level of seniority, comes on to the list of highest paying Salesforce positions. 

You must have managed a Salesforce system development department for at least five years and have shown that you are proficient in Agile (Kanban or SCRUM) software engineering to be a successful SDM. Administrator, Platform App Builder, or Platform Developer credentials from Salesforce are required, at the very least.

4. Salesforce Technical Consultants- $189,500 annually

With an annual compensation of $189,500, Salesforce Technical Consultants are among the highest-paying positions, according to the February 2022 ZipRecruiter salary survey report. Their primary responsibility is managing client-specific implementation, ongoing system upgrades on the Salesforce platform, business requirement collecting, deployment, and technical support follow-up for Salesforce projects to help organisations achieve their goals. Salesforce certification, at least five years of consulting, and budget management expertise are requirements for the perfect Salesforce technical consultant. They also need to be proficient in project management and communication.

5. Salesforce Solution Architect- $180,000 annually

A Salesforce Solution Architect must be highly knowledgeable about fundamental and challenging projects. Most will have worked as Salesforce administrators or technical consultants for several years.

This role’s crucial aspect of stakeholder management is knowing company demands. This includes offering solution design for initiatives or projects at the enterprise level and automating and integrating business processes with other platforms.

A solution architect adds tremendous value to a project because of their scope of expertise in many areas. They are both technically and commercially astute, can communicate with people at all levels of the organisation, including C-level executives, and can see the big picture while implementing the details.

Get your Salesforce Certifications on the first go

Which Salesforce Certifications should you start with?

Industry experts usually recommend candidates start with the Salesforce Admin Certification. Every Salesforce organisation needs an Admin, making a Salesforce Administrator a promising career function in and of itself. Those with their hearts set on the most technical Salesforce professions view the Salesforce Admin learning path as a gateway into the field.

Working as a Salesforce Admin will provide you with the invaluable experience necessary to comprehend the more complex aspects of Salesforce. Learning to be a Salesforce Admin will not only give you a practical way into the technology where the critical ideas of Salesforce are examined.

To Sum Up

Based on how each position benefits the company, we have evaluated the top 5 Salesforce roles that will pay the most in 2022 in this post.

Let’s say you’re considering working with Salesforce; in that case, you may earn a good salary with appropriate responsibilities, challenging work, an understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem, or a mix of business and technical expertise.

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