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How to Start a Career in Amazon Web Services in 2022?

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How to Start a Career in Amazon Web Services in 2022

Today, AWS is the most well-known cloud service provider and outpaces its two closest rivals, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, in market share. The discussion on cloud computing is incomplete without mentioning AWS. And AWS was the first cloud computing platform to bring its public cloud service to the market in 2006.

One of the best ways to start a career in AWS is by obtaining the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam aims to gauge candidates’ familiarity and comprehension of the AWS Cloud environment. Depending on the exact usage, there are various forms of AWS cloud certifications. Nonetheless, AWS cloud Practitioners may be regarded as entry-level credentials.

This blog will give you an insight into how AWS careers are in huge demand and how you can build a career in AWS.

How to Kick-start Your AWS Career?

Everyone is well aware of the fact that there are plenty of resources available to study for the AWS certification exams to start your career in AWS. It is possible to prepare for the certification exams by following the resources available online. But the companies won’t hire you just because of the things you learnt over the internet.

It goes without saying that to get familiar with the AWS capabilities and services, enrolling in an AWS certification preparation course is mandatory.

Importance of Starting Your AWS Career by Earning a Certification

AWS certifications give you access to the recruiters of organisations benefiting from the AWS platform in multiple fields like business, marketing, sales, and finance.

Apart from validating your expertise in the AWS platform, earning the certification would help you secure your career in the cloud computing industry. Over 40% of cloud-based organisations use the AWS platform.

Once you earn the foundational level AWS certifications, you can prepare for higher-level certifications for a better salary, quicker promotions, and better career opportunities. Not just that, earning certifications also help you in performing your role in the organisation more effectively.

How to Start a Career in AWS?

If you are a beginner, the best way to start your career in AWS with the help of certifications is by obtaining the foundational-level AWS certification.

By preparing for the certification exam and earning the certification, you will be able to better understand the basic working knowledge of cloud computing on the AWS platform.

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Consider the following tips to start your career in AWS:-

  1. Explore your options and know where you are going. AWS offers various certifications. Spend some time exploring what each certification has to offer and which field will be the best for you.
  2. If you are a beginner, get hands-on experience in AWS technology. Theoretical knowledge can only help you learn about a particular topic. To get a practical understanding and knowledge of the features of the AWS platform, you need to work on industry-based AWS projects.
  3. Know your cloud technology if you are a veteran in the IT industry and planning to validate your expertise by obtaining the AWS certification. So, it is essential to freshen up your knowledge and keep yourself updated with the latest changes in the AWS platform.

To prepare yourself for the AWS certification exam and kick-start your career in AWS, follow the below listed steps.

1. Practice Makes Perfect!

Practice is one of the finest strategies to pass any AWS exam. This entails both practical experiences using AWS services and passing practice examinations that mimic the actual AWS exam environment. With enough preparation, you may not only refine your abilities and acquire a sense of how the exam will be, but you can also boost your confidence, which could help you succeed in the end.

Using online, on-demand classes are now the most effective method of learning. You can fit these courses into your daily routine, and they frequently have a high level of quality and depth, which can be scheduled according to your convenience.

2. Refer to AWS Whitepapers

Candidates learn about specific problems and how to utilise techniques to tackle them via AWS Whitepapers. Whitepapers, which cover topics like economics, architecture, and security, are excellent sources of knowledge and information.

You can study the following subjects for the test with the use of whitepapers:

  • AWS
  • Costs in AWS
  • Making the most of AWS
  • AWS safety
  • Cloud Adoption Framework for AWS

3. Examine the AWS Exam Guide

If you wish to be completely familiar with the certification exam you are going to attempt, you must start by referring to the AWS exam guide. You can better comprehend the exam’s core ideas and goals with the aid of this guide.

The detailed syllabus and the weightings of the subject areas will give you a clear idea of where to focus more, although you need to have thorough knowledge about the whole concepts discussed under the certification. You’ll get a decent grade on the test if you adhere to all of the suggestions in the study guide.

Preparations on the Day of the Exam

1. Do Not Rush

Read each question very carefully and go slowly. You are more likely to misunderstand the intent of the questions you get if you do it in haste.

Become an AWS certified Professional

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Remember that passing the exam fast does not earn you extra points. Understanding the purpose behind each exam question will improve your chances of success.

2. Double check Your Responses

Any exam requires you to double-check your answers, and the AWS certification examination is not an exception. However, we can’t avoid the fact that this isn’t always possible as the exam is time-bound. If you’re not entirely certain of the answer, make sure to flag the question for review.

Don’t rush to submit the test if you are fortunate enough to finish it quickly. Verify your responses one last time before submitting the test. Do not be afraid to make modifications if you discover mistakes in what you have previously completed.

3. Trust Your Gut Feelings

You should always trust your intuition, which is one of the AWS exam tips you should keep in mind. Avoid altering answers when you go through questions as directed above just because you think they could be inaccurate!

If your gut tells you that the answers you initially entered are accurate, don’t try to refute them unless you can recall a crucial piece of information. The key is to not alter any first responses until you are certain they are erroneous.

4. Do Not Panic

There are instances when you completely forget about the concept and might not be able to choose an answer. Don’t get panicked if this happens. It happens.

You should keep in mind that cloud computing professionals wouldn’t be so well-regarded if the AWS certification examinations were simple.

Summing Up

Expect the AWS test to be challenging. It’s OK to omit replies to some questions as the AWS exam questions are phrased in a way to deceive the test takers into assessing your understanding of the concept. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully study questions that you find challenging and seek cues in the language. You’ll pay more attention if you approach every question as if it were a potential trick, which will improve your odds of succeeding.

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