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Preparation Hacks for AWS Cloud Practitioner (CCP) Exam

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Preparation Hacks for AWS Cloud Practitioner (CCP) Exam

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform from Amazon launched in 2002. AWS is a pay-on-the-go service and provides about 200 cloud services. Individuals, Startups, educational institutions, government organisations, and even Fortune 500 companies rely on AWS cloud systems. This has opened up tons of opportunities for AWS professionals. Cracking an IT job is not a cakewalk. It is required to have additional certifications on your CV. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is the foundation for becoming a certified AWS professional.

There are different AWS certification exams for different areas of expertise, like developer, administrator, System operator, etc. But to begin with, AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is the first hurdle you must cross to be eligible to take up the rest.

Preparation Hacks for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam

Getting ready to attend the AWS exam can be easy if you have some experience or knowledge about AWS and its system. But it might be hard for those who are new to this. A streamlined exam preparation method can guide towards attaining excellent results in the exam.

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1. Daily Study Pattern

Start your preparations before applying for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam. Or else, postpone or change the date if you think that you have not prepared enough. Do not be under the misconception that you can cram in the portion the evening before the exam. You will inadvertently be wasting the $100 you paid for the exam. 

Understand that the test maker is an AWS expert, and the questions being MCQ doesn’t make it any easier. Regular planned study patterns and timely revision will be required to get a passing score of 700. Overview the exam portions and plan the exam date accordingly.

2. Examine AWS sources

Begin your AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam preparation from the AWS website or any reliable online platform. 

AWS Exam Guide: Download the AWS CCP exam guide to get an overall idea of what the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam includes, the syllabus, weighting of topics, passing percentage, preparation tips, etc. Examine and evaluate your skills before preparing for the exam.

AWS Syllabus: The AWS CCP syllabus and content outline provided in the guide gives weightage to the different domains of the curriculum. Plan your study table around the differential objectives of each domain. Use a checklist to keep track and plan for periodic revisions.

AWS Resources: Training and study materials to prepare for AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam can be obtained from free resources and paid AWS Skill Builder subscription. These are self-study materials like sample papers, practice sets, digital training, and white papers.

3. Attend a Reputed Online/Offline Course

Even though you need essential IT experience to take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam, self-study materials may be complex for those new to the AWS platform. They might not be able to understand the technicalities. 

Guided study courses allow such candidates to ask doubts and learn from the base. Sign up with saasguru and enrol in AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course for personalised exam preparation with ample support from the industry experts. 

4. Work Along and Make Notes

You might quickly confuse the service names if you are new to the AWS system. They sound similar but have varied scopes. While studying, make short notes or easy-to-learn tables that you can refer to while going further up in the objectives.

Work along with screen-shared videos that explain the usage of the AWS system. You can view the video and replay it to try it out on your own. This way, you can gain hands-on experience with the AWS platform, which can help immensely in scoring the exam.

5. Take Mock Tests

Do not take the mock tests before any preparation. This might demotivate you from your learning plan. Find available mock tests online after learning all the objectives of the syllabus of the AWS CCP Exam. This will help in self-evaluation, and you can work on the weaker domains.

If you wish to know your knowledge level before starting the course preparation, take the saasguru free practice test and understand where you stand to identify where you should put more focus on.

6. Refer AWS Whitepapers

Gain more knowledge and more precise concept ideas from the AWS whitepapers. These will be your go-to resources after attending exams. It can make complex concepts easier to understand and provide better topic knowledge.

Join the saasguru Slack community, interact with seasoned professionals, and understand the importance of Whitepapers. Get references for which Whitepapers to refer to and get all your queries and doubts clarified with the help of experienced mentors and like-minded aspirants. 

7. Register as a Non-native English Speaker

There is an option for non-native English speakers to request a 30 minutes time extension. You can log in to your AWS account and go to the Upcoming Exams tab. Click on the ‘Request Exam Accommodation tab and choose ESL +30. 

Create the request before registering for the exam, which automatically applies to all upcoming examinations. The extra time is provided to double-check the answers and understand the questions before answering.

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Summing Up

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam will be your first step to more remarkable career advancements. Even Big Data and Advanced Networking exams require that you have AWS CCP Certification. 

With the listed hacks for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam and guidance from a quality AWS training course, you can start preparing for your dream job and competitive salary. Sign up with saasguru, Now!

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