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Top 10 Reasons to Learn AWS

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Top 10 Reasons to Learn AWS

Cloud computing is the existing trending word in the IT industry. The way IT solutions are completed and presented by end users has been changed drastically by technology. We frequently utilize cloud computing services in our daily lives. Companies yet to switch to the cloud are limiting their growth potential. The demand for cloud computing services is continually growing and plays a vital role in business. 

What is AWS?

AWS is a cloud computing service and the largest provider of cloud infrastructure services to businesses. AWS provides a wide range of services, such as cloud computing, and data center infrastructure, and it’s a highly competitive company. You can use AWS cloud computing services to build your own applications, such as storing customer records and analyzing customer behavior and credit ratings. You will also be able to extend your public cloud infrastructure to other customers – for instance, by hosting their applications on the same servers as yours.

To learn AWS, you need to be aware of its benefits; here are a few substantial factors to consider while deciding on a cloud computing profession.

Learning about AWS is a great way to expand your skill set and knowledge. The top reasons to learn AWS include stabilizing your business process, creating more efficient apps to improve customer acquisition and retention, and having a competitive advantage over other companies that are not using AWS.

Generally, the advantages of learning AWS are plenty:-

  1. To understand how big technology companies work, why they work, and what drives them – to gain insight into the evolution of technology and how it has impacted society in general. 
  2. To understand what it takes to run a profitable multi-billion dollar company. 
  3. To understand how cloud computing works as an application layer. 
  4. To get hands-on experience with key technologies like AWS Lambda, S3, and EC2. 
  5. To learn the latest technologies, tooling, and best practices.
  6. To understand changes in the industry that include a shift from development at a single vendor back toward open platforms.

Now, let us check some of the top reasons to learn AWS and its benefits.

1. One of the Best Platforms in Cloud Computing

It’s the best technology that powers most companies in our field. It makes us more productive and efficient by allowing us to focus on our core business instead of managing complex infrastructures. Amazon Web Services launched the first public cloud computing platform in 2006.

2. Simplified IT Infrastructure 

AWS helps you simplify your IT infrastructure by saving you time and money. You’ll benefit from the on-demand flexibility and scalability of AWS while easily implementing best practices with simplified management tools. You can utilize APIs to build a new instance, schedule a backup, or run any number of jobs. Many corporate firms use AWS because of the broad set of APIs accessible and the automated integration that may be leveraged.

3. Enhanced Cloud Migration

More companies, from large to small enterprises, are undertaking cloud migration. Traditional information technology infrastructure and applications are transferred to public cloud computing services. The COVID epidemic has accelerated the enterprise’s shift to public cloud migrations. Many digital migrations need specialist knowledge to ensure a smooth transfer. Therefore, there is a huge demand for AWS experts to assist with migrating on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud. 

4. High Demand for AWS Professionals

Learn AWS to improve your job, career, and business opportunities. AWS specialists are in high demand due to cloud computing and digital transformation. Companies of all sizes are searching for talented applicants to fill entry-level, associate, professional, and senior profiles. Cloud computing architects, engineers, and developers are expected to be in great demand in the near future.

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5. Improved Skill Set and Knowledge

Learning AWS is all about having the ability to innovate and drive business value in a digital environment. AWS certifications are a great way to improve your understanding of the platform and cloud services while increasing your reputation with future employers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your knowledge and experience will grow, allowing you to navigate any challenge during your career. 

By earning certificates, you show your comprehension and experience in the respective discipline and level. AWS certification does not necessarily guarantee a higher income or compensation if you do not have the required skills to ace the position. Ensuring you are thorough with the concepts with hands-on experience relevant to climbing up the AWS ladder, which we can only achieve by getting trained from a genuine certification preparation platform.  

6. Career Opportunities

Working in a technical profession usually means you probably spend a lot of time slogging through the details of cloud computing and trying to keep up with the latest techniques. The good news is that if you want to move up in your current position and get promoted, or maybe move on to another one altogether, you are just one step away. Learn AWS, and it will open doors to multiple career opportunities.

7. Flexible Service

AWS provides storage and computing resources through the Internet. This reduces the complexity of using cloud services because they are designed to be shared between customers. The flexibility to launch and terminate instances at particular times is one of the most important reasons to understand and utilize AWS. You can plan services to run at a given time or when a specific event happens. If you choose, you may avoid utilizing scripting entirely by using third-party solutions such as CloudRanger.

8. Excellent Data Management

As a company grows in size, reliability becomes increasingly important. Businesses want to know whether data backups are done regularly. AWS has a diverse data center system that ensures redundancy is created in the system. Data backups are performed at many physical data centers, ensuring that your data is not lost and that downtime is kept to a minimum.

9. High Scalability

Scalability is essential because organizations’ applications should be able to scale up and down to meet business requirements. AWS was designed from the ground up to be scalable and flexible. One of the primary reasons for AWS’s significant popularity is the flexibility of its cloud services.

10. Easy Maintenance 

AWS is a cloud computing service provider that offers many benefits, including the ability to run and scale applications in the cloud without having to worry about technical details like server maintenance or hardware. It enables users to monitor and control resources such as security, cost tracking, automation, and other features. Service instances can be scheduled. If you don’t want to utilize a service on certain days, you may switch it off and set a time for it to restart. 

Now, let’s check some of the key benefits of getting AWS certification if you want to build a career in AWS. 

Benefits of Earning AWS Certification

AWS certifications are designed to measure your competency in the deployment, operation, and management of AWS services.

Become an AWS certified Professional

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  1. Get recognized as an expert in cloud computing and drive your career to embrace better job opportunities. It is almost certain that you will find it difficult to get a position without certification, especially if your new employer is already using AWS. 
  2. Enhance your skills by passing the exam with passing grades and becoming eligible for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate level. The AWS Associate Certified Solutions Architect credential formalizes the highly skilled professionals’ professional achievements, providing employers with added confidence in their hiring decisions and facilitating promotion opportunities.
  3. Get certified, and expect an upgrade in your career. The bigger your IT resume, the more doors you’ll open to opportunity. AWS certification is a great way to show you have the skills to do specific work because it implies that an organization trusts you enough to give you access to various parts of its technology stack.

Summing Up

Amazon Web Services has been and will continue to be the greatest cloud computing service. As a result, if you are passionate about cloud services or AWS (in particular), learn to master it and advance your career. What else do you need to construct a better profession with multiple employment alternatives and one of the greatest pay scales awaiting you? Put AWS on your radar if you want to grow and help the corporate sector prosper, along with upskilling yourself. Join saasguru now!

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