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Professional Courses with Job Placement in 2022

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Professional Courses with Job Placement in 2022

If you are a fresher and seeking your first job, we have good and bad news for you. The good news is that the service sector, like IT, has been growing tremendously and is projected to create vast opportunities in the job market. The increased push for digitisation has been creating so many jobs in other sectors as well. There is a high demand for professionals with the right skill sets in the market.

And the bad news is that you will be less likely to get a good, high-paying job right after graduation if you do not possess any proven skills. Certainly, your degree certificate provides you with some basic qualifications. But unfortunately, students do not get any opportunity to learn practical skills in the majority of the colleges in India. This creates a huge gap between the expectations of industries and what is taught in college.

Two decades back, having a degree was a very respectable thing. People used to get jobs easily right after graduation. But now, degree certificates alone do not get you a good job. There are multiple factors responsible for that, like technology is readily changing the workplaces, changes in expectations of recruiters, and more competition.

This is where professional courses help you cope with competition, teach you a new skill, and keep you updated with the latest developments in technology. If you are a fresher, professional courses make you employable and assist in job placement. If you are already working, then professional courses provide you with upgradation.

In this post, we will focus on all the trending professional courses to build your skill as well as provide job placement. We will discuss job-oriented courses that can immediately land you a job after you get certified.

1. Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last 5 years. As more people are spending their time on electronic devices like smart tv and smartphones, demand for digital marketing has increased a lot. 

Brands now understand that people spend more time on social media platforms, consume content on various platforms, and research the internet before making a buying decision. So, marketers are now focusing more on digital marketing than traditional marketing mediums like mass media and print media. One more advantage of digital marketing is that it provides two-way communication where customers can engage directly with brands which was not possible in traditional media.

Digital marketing provides many marketing channels like Social media marketing, Email marketing or direct marketing, SEO, SEM, Affiliate marketing, and Content marketing. Each channel provides a good job opportunity.

If you are interested in making a career in digital marketing, it is advisable to choose a basic course where you can get acquainted with digital marketing, and then you can select a special course for any particular skill like Email marketing, Social media marketing, or SEO as per your interest.

Multiple professional courses in the market that can train you in digital marketing in 3 to 6 months. They provide job placement assistance as well after certification.

2. Data Science and Analytics

If you are good with Statistics and Math and love dealing with big data, then you can opt for Data Science and Data Analytics. In Data Analysis, you learn to process the raw data and convert it into some meaningful information. While Data Science is quite a broader field where you deal with large unstructured data, you can make a career as a Data Scientist, AI, or Machine Learning professional.

You can opt for professional courses in Data Science and Analytics, where you get the opportunity to work on real-life assignments. As this field requires good practical expertise, it is always better to check whether your professional course is providing practical training or not.

Generally, Data Science and Analytics courses are around 6 months long. Opt for such courses after checking their fees, certification, teaching methods, and placement opportunities after the job.

3. Professional Courses on Full Stack Development

The demand for full stack developers was high in the past, and it will remain high in the future as well. In fact, demand for full-stack developers is increasing with more usage of applications in businesses. 

Full stack developers can take care of both front-end and back-end parts in the application development. This makes them one of the most sought IT professionals. They are well versed with networking, back-end API, and front-end coding in Javascript, HTML, and many more languages.

Choose a professional course of full attack development where you can learn basic concepts of application development and let you build your projects or provide an opportunity to work as an intern on live projects. The more you get exposure to live projects in full stack development, the better for you in building your portfolio.

Salesforce Bootcamp

4. Professional Courses of Certified Cloud Practitioners

Courses on Cloud Practitioners are now one of the most highly demanded job-oriented courses in the market. Cloud Practitioners have vast career opportunities in Amazon web services(AWS), Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.

Courses on Cloud Practitioner make you ready for the certification exams like AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. But only passing the AWS CCP exam will not get you a high-paying job. You need to build practical skills and experience along with the certification.

You can select a professional course offered by saasguru to clear the AWS CCP exam. The course will provide you with one-on-one mentoring and live projects. saasguru’s professional course on CCP will provide you with complete assistance till you land a good job.

5. Professional Courses on Salesforce

Salesforce certifications open doors for so many career opportunities in various fields like Salesforce admins, app builders, developers, marketing, and many more.

Demand for Salesforce is increasing with more businesses moving towards using CRM. Salesforce offers huge opportunities for both technical and non-technical working professionals.

Same as cloud practitioners, just getting Salesforce certification can not guarantee you a good job. You need to build a sound experience and expertise in specific skills to get a high-salary job.

Enroll in professional Salesforce courses like saasguru’s Job Guarantee Salesforce Bootcamp to groom yourself with sound theoretical and practical knowledge in Salesforce.

saasguru Salesforce Bootcamp is one of the most reliable courses for Salesforce as it provides you with personal mentoring and learning opportunities from industry veterans and live projects to strengthen your theoretical knowledge and build practical abilities.

saasguru Job Guarantee Salesforce Bootcamp assists you until you get placed with a good job. In this course, you get exposure to recruiters after you get certified in Salesforce.

Summing Up

So, that’s all about trending professional courses that can land you a good job after you get certified. First, identify your interest and abilities before taking any professional course.

It completely depends on which education platform you have chosen for any professional course, be it digital marketing, data science, Salesforce, or AWS CCP. Choose saasguru for Cloud certificates and can get quality certification preparation and end-to-end support till placement. Sign up now!

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