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    Salesforce Online Training with saasguru

    Why is the Demand for Salesforce Ever-increasing?

    Salesforce, which is affordable and scalable with its cloud-based technology, is one of the most prominent job creators. With increasing demand in Salesforce, jobs in this field are soaring high. As per the very recent study done by IDC, the new job demand for those who have the salesforce skill sets showed a considerable increase over the past few years. According to the statistics, the demand for Salesforce professionals is expected to grow to 3.3 million positions by 2022.

    In today’s job market, technical skills seem to be in high demand. No matter your role, keeping up with the expeditiously changing technology is key to boosting your career. As customer demands change and businesses widen their horizon, an organisation can not provide customised services without using a CRM platform. Here is where Salesforce gained its momentum.


    Why Should You Choose Certification In Salesforce?

    Obtaining a certification is the best approach to demonstrating our abilities, valid for Salesforce experts too. Salesforce certification will help you advance your profession to the next level, especially given the present demand. It testifies to your knowledge and expertise, as well as your commitment to your field of employment. A Salesforce Certification also helps you better understand the platform, improving efficiency and better utilisation of the platform. Hence, Salesforce certified employees are preferred by most employers. 

    So, if you are a Salesforce professional, who is ready to validate your knowledge of the platform, you’ve got an excellent chance to advance your career with certification. 

    With a Salesforce certification, you’ll be able to assist your firm in utilising the Salesforce platform to its fullest. You’ll learn how to configure Salesforce to the point that your managers will come to you with any strategic Salesforce questions.

    With a Salesforce certification, you’ll be able to,

    1. Demonstrate your knowledge and skills
    2. Remain competitive and employable. 
    3. Increase your job proficiency.
    4. Showcase the best investment in your career.
    5. Keep your skills up to date.
    6. Get more exciting work and higher salaries.
    7. Increase professional credibility.
    8. Boost the confidence of employers.

    Comprehensive List of Salesforce Certifications 2022

    According to the reports from various job portals, there will be a 200% rise in the job requirements for Salesforce Certified experts. And many companies are looking to adopt Salesforce as its growth potential is evident. This adoption of the platform by different multinational companies assures a lot of openings for Salesforce-certified professionals. 


    If you are passionate about choosing a Salesforce career, do not think twice to grab the certifications. Certification is something that matters a lot in the Salesforce environment. There are 35+ Certifications in total, where we have 6 certification paths.


    Find The Best Platform For Your Learning and Certification

    Salesforce is a very clever tool that is highly powerful when used correctly. Undoubtedly, the major challenge is finding the best and the most reliable ways to get a certification – as a beginner or an experienced professional looking to replenish their knowledge and skills in the competitive job market.

    What’s more challenging here is to make the correct decision to choose the right platform. You can see various salesforce training resources. Everyone’s learning methods and financial means are varied, and there are a variety of learning options to meet everyone’s needs.

    If you search for a personalised study plan with content, assessments, and revision recommendations with timely support from qualified and experienced mentors, do not think twice about choosing Saasguru for Salesforce online training. Yes, you are in the right place! 

    Work with mentors and fellow learners, participate in discussions with a peer group with demonstrated skills, get one-on-one assistance, and receive timely feedback from seasoned and experienced mentors. A certification shows that you are up-to-date with the demanded skill sets to enhance your career. Remember, you can ultimately decide the direction of your career. Learn Salesforce online by steering it the right way!

    Salesforce Certification Courses – What We Offer?

    Saasguru has researched and compiled the content and exams as chunks of information to aid in your  learning process. With saasguru, you will be certified with the most sought-after certification courses to pave the way for your professional development. Check the certifications we offer currently in Salesforce.

    Salesforce Certified Administrator

    The Salesforce Administrator certification is the entry-level certificate for any aspirants looking to enter into the world of Salesforce. Get certified as a Salesforce Administrator 201 in the first attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Configuration and Setup – 20%
    • Object Manager and Lightning App Builder – 20%
    • Sales and Marketing Applications – 12%
    • Service and Support Applications – 11%
    • Productivity and Collaboration – 7%
    • Data and Analytics Management – 14%
    • Workflow/Process Automation – 16%

    Explore an Ultimate Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam Guide here

    Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I 

    The Salesforce Platform Developer I exam is for someone who has developed and deployed basic business logic and user interfaces utilising the Lightning Platform’s programmatic capabilities, as well as the practical application of the skills and objectives as discussed in the syllabus. 


    Get certified as a Salesforce Platform Developer 1 on the 1st attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Salesforce Fundamentals: 7%
    • Data Modelling and Management: 13%
    • Process Automation and Logic: 40%
    • User Interface: 23%
    • Testing, Debugging, and Deployment: 17%

    Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant 

    The Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant test is for consultants who have worked in a customer-facing capacity implementing Sales Cloud solutions. The Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant can successfully design and deploy Sales Cloud solutions that meet customer business needs, are scalable, and help customers achieve long-term success.

    Get certified as a sales cloud consultant on the 1st attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Sales Practices: 11%
    • Implementation Strategies: 13%
    • Application of Product Knowledge: 18%
    • Lead Management: 7%
    • Account and Contact Management: 11%
    • Opportunity Management: 10%
    • Sales Productivity and Integration: 8%
    • Consulting Practices: 7%
    • Sales Metrics, Reports & Dashboards: 7%
    • Data Management: 8%

    Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

    The Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant programme is for consultants who have worked in a customer-facing capacity deploying Salesforce Service Cloud products. The intended audience has proven experience with Salesforce application administration and setup.


    Get certified as a service cloud consultant on the 1st attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Industry Knowledge: 10%
    • Implementation Strategies: 15%
    • Service Cloud Solution Design: 16%
    • Knowledge Management: 9%
    • Interaction Channels: 10%
    • Case Management: 15%
    • Contact Centre Analytics: 5%
    • Integration and Data Management: 5%
    • Service Console: 15%

    Salesforce Certified Experience Cloud Consultant

    The Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant credential is for consultants who have worked in a customer-facing capacity implementing and consulting on Salesforce Experience solutions. Individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, configuring, creating, and deploying Salesforce Experience applications using the declarative customisation features of the Experience platform should take the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant exam.


    Get certified as a experience cloud consultant on the 1st attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Experience Cloud Basics: 8%
    • Sharing, Visibility, and Licensing: 17%
    • Branding, Personalization, and Content: 15%
    • Templates and Themes: 10%
    • User Creation and Authentication: 13%
    • Adoption and Analytics: 5%
    • Administration, Setup and Configuration: 25%
    • Customization Considerations, and Limitations: 7%

    Salesforce Platform App Builder

    The Salesforce Platform App Builder credential is designed for individuals who would like to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in designing, building, and deploying custom applications using the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning Platform. The candidate can create, manage, and update data models, application security, business logic, and process automation.


    Get certified as a Salesforce Platform App Builder on the 1st attempt with saasguru.


    Exam Syllabus:

    • Salesforce Fundamentals: 23%
    • Data Modeling and Management: 22%
    • Business Logic and Process Automation: 28%
    • User Interface: 17%
    • App Deployment: 10%

    Why Should You Choose saasguru to Learn Salesforce Online?

    Imagine the course that you do is cluttered with 200 pages of content and a massive list of questions that you cannot handle in the last few days leading up to the certification exam. How would saasguru help you?

    saasguru Supercharges Your Cert Prep!

    • Set Your Benchmark and Know If You Are Ready

    You can set a benchmark to identify the areas where you need improvement against a set standard and develop a consistent way of measuring your performance through the benchmarking process. Salesforce certification training classes by Saasguru enable you to clear the certification exams by setting a benchmark and continuously polish the knowledge and skills with perfectly curated modules and assessment exams. 

    You can then take the certification exam to verify your newfound knowledge when you’re ready.

    • High-Quality Microlearning Modules 

    Basically, microlearning is an approach to learning where the information is delivered in small chunks. This is fundamentally a memory technique where the learner gets the information quickly through a skill-based approach. Usually, a learner can complete a module summary in just 5-6 minutes. Microlearning modules typically consist of content that can help the learners quickly understand the basic concept. 

    Learners who are determined to learn and can identify their knowledge gaps with technology will benefit from microlearning. 

    • Guided Revisions

    There’s no shortcut to succeed in the cert exam on your first go. It all lies in preparation. Saasguru helps you organise your time and materials to ensure you’re well prepared. The revision courses provide ample support to reach your goal of qualifying for the certification program.

    Saasguru offers both live instructor-led classroom training and self-paced online training to make your revision more effective.

    • Practise Exams

    Practising more is one of the best ways to learn efficaciously. As per a study conducted at Kent State University, assessment tests and distributed analysis of chunked information are the two most effective learning techniques. 

    The practice exams quantify your knowledge of the material and help get a mirror image of the actual test. If you want to get the most significant benefit from your practice testing, ensure you’re making the most of it with Saasguru.

    • Work With Seasoned Mentors

    Get personalised support from qualified mentors with Saasguru. Saasguru provides timely assistance to the aspirants by offering 1:1 mentoring by experienced and highly competent certified professionals capable of leading your way into successful certification. The expertise, knowledge, advice, and resources a mentor shares are valuable assets that can help a mentee in different ways to accomplish their goals.

    Now, imagine you get all these on a single platform. Supercharge your certification preparation with Saasguru by learning Salesforce online. 

    Get certified in Salesforce as little as two weeks. Sign Up with saasguru, Now!

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